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  1. Shellyoung

    Can't type at say/whisper. WTF is happening?

    Thank you.
  2. Before that i whispered 8 players with a message: "Hello. I want to invite you to Dire Maul (west and east parts) as a Tank. What do you think?"
  3. Shellyoung

    3 questions to administration

    1) I was banned right after i typed "g4wow" in a chat to test my SpamThrottle addon. Can you please tell me WHY DID THAT HAPPENED? 2) I heard that nostalrius (and now elysium) team doesn't give a fuck about ban appeals. IS THIS TRUE? 3) (This question pointless, if the second answer is true) Will my ban appeal ever be reviewed?
  4. Shellyoung


    Помню ходили в рейд с поцанами.
  5. Hello. I've typed message g4wow in a chat and got banned. I did it just for check my SpamThrottle addon. I am not a goldseller or spammer. Please unblock my account.