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  1. Chunass

    Molten Core Swimteam EU 15/15 Naxxramas

    Bump, I need another hunter ty Also Kizzy pls update the original post, we dont have a trash 20-man raid day anymore :^)
  2. Paladins, Mages, Warlocks and Hunters needed! 8/9 AQ, join the end of our progression boiz
  3. Druid and Paladin classleaders now offering nudes for new recruits, don't miss out
  4. Chunass

    Addon for auto attack timer

    This is the one I think most people ended up using on Nost: https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=12765
  5. Chunass

    Suzerain's Resignation

    Farewell best GM :(
  6. You weren't entirely wrong 8)
  7. Looking for a hunter!
  8. Chunass

    Boar Hunter Pet

    This is the website I use for pet skills, it's german but all the relevant info is in english: http://wow.gamona.de/forum/threads/pet-skills.73897/ It shows where you can get every rank of every skill and which pet types can learn them, enjoy :^)
  9. Chunass

    Pet Attack Speeds

    They don't get Claw, but they get Furious Howl which is an amazing ability for group/raid content.
  10. Chunass

    Boar Hunter Pet

    Gore and many other special pet abilities like Spider's web were introduced in TBC. The only special ability Boars have in vanilla is charge.
  11. Bump, give me blessings
  12. Chunass

    Feign Death

    FD is a complete threat wipe and puts you out of combat.