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    The War Effort Reborn

    Yet another poor decision.
  2. Good point. Actually though, Thunderfury being MH now compared to 1H as decided by the previous team is exactly the same comparison as the PvP sets. Guilds (even pugs) have given bindings to Rogues/Fury Warriors for months on old Nost due to this decision to not change the item (to MH) because the community already committed to the 1H version. Much like PvP sets, you ranked only because those items were viable items as decided by old Nost and Elysium team. TF is also DPS viable as 1H. These are edge cases for difficult to attain items in the game so it is very hard to compare it to anything else. However in this case I believe PvP sets being buffed and TF being suddenly changed to 1H is a similar argument, both being incentives for rankers/DPSers to get TF by the community before any changes were made. Proc rate is a different argument and not comparable to the PvP sets, that ofc I agree.
  3. Is there any forum moderation at all on these forums? @Pottu where is the community team? I've already argued why Paladin itemization dependent on Paladin spells/talents and content available items is not a comparable scenario. 1.12 case also argued. Both in every single page it seems. Yet, theloras rehashing points that have been invalidated and keeps repeating them as if they are new once again is not moderated. Derailments such as these cause constructive members of the forums to not actually participate in forum activity for the betterment of the server and its community, because moderation is lacking. Clearly in this case. This is why you'll have members like theloras actually being more active than others on these forums, lowering the standards of this forum community because they are allowed to reign free without any discouragement.
  4. WTB Forum moderation. Paying 100g.
  5. STOP posting Paladin comparisons. You can't compare Paladin T2 stat item changes based on Paladin spells/talents/itemization and other items of that content to a legendary item which is not based on any other item but only itself. @Shenna: May I get some moderation powers? Your team is not present here forcing me to repeat myself to these two special forum dwellers that have no reading comprehension for days now.
  6. Undertanker, while your points are what we have already discussed, minus the Biznicks comparison which is a good one. So is the PvP sets for Rank 12 and Rank 13 we recently had with the dev team. There's a practicality problem of emulating TF I said over and over again that makes the proc rate argument extremely simple ... I will highlight them in bullet points as people keep ignoring this. There's essentially 5 TFs you'd have to emulate individually for each server. TF 1.0 MH - 30% proc rate, procs from itself, enchants, trinkets, poisons. Scales with SP. TF 2.0 MH - 15% proc rate, procs from itself, enchants, trinkets, poisons. Scales with SP. TF 3.0 MH - 15% proc rate, does not proc from itself, enchants, trinkets, poisons. Doesn't scale with SP. (ManGOS default, current Elysium TF) TF 4.0 MH - 20-25% proc, does not proc from itself, enchants, trinkets, poisons. Doesn't scale with SP. TF 5.0 1H - 25% does not proc from itself, enchants, trinkets, poisons. Doesn't scale with SP. (Blizzard's balanced one, old Nost version) Practical problems in emulation of these TFs. You'd be asking Elysium staff to maintain 5 different TFs in 4 servers. Each TF changing depended on Patch. That's 5 TF changes per server, 20 TF changes on Elysium project. 2nd practical argument is that TF 1.0 & 2.0 (procs off itself poisons enchants trinkets) is not coded, there was never a TF 1.0 on MaNGOS core. It would have to be coded and activated for an individual server which is below patch 1.8.0 (all but Anathema atm). Explaining all of this to the community. What old Nost did, and what the community of TF holders want (at least us vocal ones) is 1 version, for all servers, that is NOT strong, NOT weak.
  7. Yea, both of you need to be banned frankly from the forums. Where is the GM team moderating this? Where is the staff response to the most sought out item on Anathema? Do we need Reddit army to get a response to anything around here?
  8. Theloras and Killerduki, both of you are seeing only one part of this discussion, ignoring all the other factors, and making comparisons that are all easily refutable. Pally T2 can't be reversed because Pally T2 is balanced around raid content, the class Paladin and it's talents and spells. Also balanced around all the other items available at that patch. This is a item stat balance comparison to a legendary item that you can't compare any item to and it is not balanced around ANY class, or ANY other item. Do you see the difference? I'm going to say no, because both of you have a history of derailing thread because it doesn't suite your Paladin demands, or entitlements. "Because I can argue this point, I'll argue this point" is not an excuse for bringing up the same points refuted multiple amount of times. Nobody here wants to repeat themselves over and over again, and here I am doing it for maybe the 6th time because neither of you are comprehending the arguments made. Spellpower scaling on TF can't be brought back because it is TOO overpowered. SP scaling TF can't be emulated on Elysium/Darrowshire/Zeth'kur either (all 3 servers are in patch 1.6/1.7 or below) it would be unfair to all the other players on those 3 servers if a TF was released like the original TF. Proc rate 30%, scales with SP, and procs off itself and trinkets/poisons/enchants/totems. Elysium wants to be accurate in emulating TF, they have to go out of their way and specifically code this item in this way, so that their community feels the same outrage as Blizzard's community did in 2005. Anathema has crossed that overpowered stage into the super weak stage. The previous admins of Anathema and the community BOTH agreed that that OVERPOWERED TF was not going to implemented by instead compromising and sticking to 1 TF version that works. This is TF that has no glory, it is just useful for raiders. PvPers don't get effed by it or with it, it is almost irrelevant for them. If you want the glory of TF back, you have to implement TF 1.0 which is going to make all the other players on those 3 servers miserable. Theloras and Killerduki, I implore you to not derail this topic and make it about Paladins like you two have done many times. Neither of you will come up with a situation that hasn't already been thought of by the community regarding TF. I repeat, you can't compare this specific item, which happens to be legendary to any other item. Paladin T2 is balanced around its class, its spells and talents and of other competitive items at that level. Paladin T2 is not 1 legendary item used by multiple classes of multiple spec. Paladin T2 is for Paladins in Paladin-like situations. I would like to ask Moderators to watch Theloras and Killerduki as they have a history of doing this and derailing topics. Even in Class forums that aren't their own class. Please do not let them turn this into a non-constructive thread.
  9. Abuse? We want to abuse Thunderfury? Did any of us ask for a Thunderfury with 30% proc rate and proccing from itself/enchants/poisons/trinkets and scaling with spell power? Did anyone ask for this? Because that is abuse. That is wanting an overpowered, imbalanced item which existed in Vanilla from Patch 1.6 - Patch 1.8. After 1.8 that item proc mechanic remained overpowered, proc rate changed. Than proc mechanic was nerfed, than the proc rate was increased. See the pattern? It was being balanced around player feedback. We want a Thunderfury that works. Not too strong, not too weak. This was the point of the 7-page discussion on Nostalrius, who decided we were right. They fixed the weapon and kept it at 25% for all content, all patches. So, no Killerduki, this is not abuse. This is feedback.
  10. Killerduki here just claimed in this thread that TF is better for Paladins than Warriors guys, so I would take things he says with a grain of salt by default. And his claims are almost always easily refuted, much like this latest post. I don't understand why he is so outspoken without necessary knowledge of the topics involved, or really, why he involves himself in topics he has little creditably in. Just taking points of out of sources and spinning it with your own interpretation does not make it true. So Seal of Righteousness gives Paladins twice the proc rate, therefore it is better for Paladins than Warriors? Take a step back and review why Warriors use TF before you make such claims. Regarding his post, TF was not nerfed or buffed based on current content available. This is a bogus claim again. TF was changed multiple amount of times due to feedback of it being strong (early on, 30% + proccing off other stuff and itself, especially in PvP) than eventually it was over nerfed to where people banked the item and the outcry of the community which is why it was buffed back again. Naxxramas content and Thunderfury being linked has 0 evidence. During this content people banked TF because of the low proc rate even at 20%, especially the DPS because it was still MH. It was OneHand the patch after Naxxramas (Patch 1.12.0, the same patch it was confirmed to be buffed back to 25) this is all after Naxxramas. Thunderfury is not "nearly useless" for melee because Naxx offers better weapons, this shows your ignorance of your claims once again. It is literally the best offhand for Rogues until Kel'Thuzad's sword. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=23054 (Edit: corrected link, posted KT's other sword) Did I claim it was "always 25%"? I said it was a compromise by Blizzard and old Nost team alike. It already does not proc off itself, poisons, trinkets, enchants and it does not scale with SP. Thunderfury proc mechanic nerf =/= Thunderfury not scaling with Spell power nerf. The former is the main nerf to this weapon. It is the ability for it to proc from other damaging effects like rogue poisons/trinkets (HoJ/Maelstrom)/Enchants like Lifestealing/Windfury and so forth. I feel like a broken tape recorder at this point. @killerduki You do disservice to your own credibility by making wild guesses and assumptions. Below is a video of the pre-nerfed Thunderfury in action in the hands of a Fury Warrior. (One of the reasons the community called for nerfs)
  11. I'm questioning the mindset here. TF has changed almost every major patch, including a major TF nerf to its mechanic. That nerf was the major change to TF (as Blizzard reinstated the proc rate % changes). This nerf always existed on Anathema since its first launch. I believe it's MaNGOS default version (the worst TF, which Elysium chooses to emulate). Instead of changing this weapon all the time (maintaining a different version for all 4 servers) in every major 1.XX.0 patch, including having to code the original TF version for Elysium/Zeth (which we never experienced on Anathema or Darrowshire) just keep the weapon as the default compromised version which Blizzard decided to do, and Nost did as well after constuctive discussion about the weapon. Please read Zetox's thread if you want a full picture as to why players such as myself think the most fair version of TF is the final version. This proc rate change is a simple compromise. The issue with Anathema especially is the Main-Hand change that has literally ruined this weapon for guilds and players that have worked for a damage dealer to recieve this weapon prior to any notice of this change. You have to remember Anathema is a server launched in Feb, 2015. Approximately 1.5 years active. A lot of existing guilds are hurt by "negative" unannounced changes. (See PvP gear drama for example) Edit: Slightly OT - You can see the repercussion of negative changes in the community. Plask the OP wants to take a break because of negative itemization decisions out of the blue. NOPE guild has identified this as one of their problems. I, as one of the reporters of this weapon on old Nost that directly impacted its change, did not want to create a topic about this even though I had known for days because I honestly don't know why the Elysium team made retroactive changes to both TF and PvP sets, both of which have been already decisions argued over and made for Anathema, where is the continuity? Both have negatively impacted me personally as I chose to rank on old Nost because they said they would maintain the PvP armor to incentivise players to PvP high rank and Thunderfury change which a few testers in the community wrote detailed reports (including painstaking research by Zetox) of why the state of TF shouldn't be the worst version. Yet we have to rehash the same things again and again for multiple issues. So far no one from Elysium team has even responded to any of my or Plask's posts. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt as Anathema has bigger issues right now, but it wouldn't surprise me if this simply is ignored or rejected. Edit 2: Anathema just returned as I edited this post with my final thoughts. Perhaps we can get a response soon.
  12. I don't think that kinda of attitude helps anybody or persuades the one you're negotiating with to take you seriously. You undermine your own previous arguments just by bringing the whole "I'll quit since you did this" to the table. The argument about TF is the topic and the rest of us would like to hear from the Elysium team about this once they have Anathema up and running. Nerfing TF to its 1.9 state is actually understandable from a certain viewpoint. Perhaps they don't know of its history, like the Old Nost team. There's no need to think this will not be resolved.
  13. There are duplicates of this thread unfortunately (Warrior forums). So I'm posting my comment there to this thread for anyone wanting a quick recap. @killerduki said: My reply to him:
  14. Walgrave

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    The issue of the War Effort numbers is the intimidation of the numbers. You look at those figures and go farm a stack here and there? It makes almost no difference. Why bother? Can't speak on behalf of Anathema community, but as for our guild, the recent fog over the server has created a sense of demoralization and anxiety. People in the guild are a lot less active, a lot less confident, and a lot less excited. Really, the community needed to come together in some positive manner before the War Effort. So people would be all pumped up. That is not what I personally see. What would such a pre-event look like? I don't know, but ya, I personally don't see excitement atm.