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    What level frostbolt for raiding?

    If you are WC spec you downrank your first 5 frostbolts (rank 2, so under gcd) till you stack debuff on boss. After/not wc spec max rank, use mana gems, mana pots on cd (dont wait till you near oom, start using when you have spent enough mana which you will replenish), if your guild takes too much time to kill it don't be afraid to evocate... if all that is not enough and you oom you can rank 1 for clearcast procs which you use for max rank cast. But seriously, just using consumables never had to even think of downranking (beside initial for stacking).
  2. You take paladin named 'Ret' and that doesn't hint you his real spec?
  3. wingpuller

    Honor rank not updating

    Its updated once per week, on wednesday (tomorrow !), aprox 10 am gmt+1.
  4. wingpuller

    rank frostbolt?

    If you are Winter Chill spec, rank 2 till you stack 5 on target, then max rank all the way. If you are not, max rank all the way. In theory you could use rank 1 to force clearcasting procs when oom and mana pot/gem both on cd, but that doesn't really happens.
  5. wingpuller

    For the Horde

    What if I tell you, there are other good guilds on Horde side of Nostalrius PvP server?
  6. Vanilla hunters (in 1.12 patch at least) are lowest dps class, so you bring 2 to cover tranquilizing shots and some other utility assignments: anything more than that is just filling raid spots when there are no other choices.
  7. wingpuller

    Pet Spawns the Cleaner

    It is how its supposed to be. No pets, no outside help.
  8. wingpuller

    @dreamstate @hordecucks

    So are rumours true, that world bosses are spawning twice per day now, and that Horde cant get any nevertheless?
  9. wingpuller


    Thorim doesnt cost 4g a piece + having shitload of it from mining anyway you cheapo. Only scrubs and goldbuyers use iron ones. @topic: try using sapper charge on fire vulnerability. Notice the difference.
  10. wingpuller

    Separate PvP/PvE server subforum

    PvE is of no difference on servers apart from patch they are on, and PvP on PvE server? Those guys need medical check, not their own section.
  11. wingpuller

    Hunter Noob need help

    Nah, thinks its more like you need 3% hit as a troll with bow. Never played troll so someone can correct me on it, orc master race, .
  12. wingpuller

    Hunter in raids

    Maybe because Arcane Shot shares CD with Aimed Shot?
  13. wingpuller

    Gnome/Goblin balace for Alliance?

    What a missinfo, there were like 10 gnomish engis for 1 goblin.
  14. This is about PvE aspect of the game, not your PvE realm, on old Nos PvP having NR gear ready was a must when throwing your application to decent guilds that plan to do AQ once its open (though nobody knew would it really be needed that much).
  15. wingpuller

    Hunter Noob need help

    Some hunter may answer you better, but here is general guidance (PVE only): -MM as a must, nobody likes hunters without TS aura, and there's so many huntards around that if you want to be special snowflake its so easy to replace you; -pre raid gear spec, aiming for survival talents to reach hit cap so you can switch all before Surefooted to your liking: http://realmplayers.com/Talents.aspx#cbZViohthtfV0V0h -once in decent gear and need no +hit from talents: http://realmplayers.com/Talents.aspx#ce0M0xxZgVohtht +hit till cap, then agility > anything else if fully buffing/not slacking on consumables (depends on pieces though, some with raw ap/crit may have higher value). Hunters are easy, once raiding their BiS is tier gier. For weapon you go preraid (if AV than xbow from there, else engi rifle) > epic quest bow > chrom xbow > kt xbow.
  16. 1) it is possible; 2) you have no chances, for r11 needed like 10 times that much per week if going slow; 3) almost no WSG/AB in that bracket, hope you love AV (and all hate talk of people there who doesn't love low lvls that join); 4) w/e, you will be dead meat anyway in AV as low lvl warrior; 5) same as 4, doesn't really matter, and no heal should be wasted on you anyway, at 60 its another story though; 6) no twink guilds in that brackets afaik; 7) no.
  17. wingpuller

    Cheating in dungeons

    For BRD, Shadowforge key opened that door, also rogue could lockpick. Trick was in puting key/skill on your action bars and spaming keybind till its start doing its thing. For DME probably same with Crescent key, never tried it cause you can just blink through and also get behind last boss without killing him.
  18. wingpuller

    Cheating in dungeons

    On Van Cleef, if your healer jumps on canon and nobody touches ads they stick to him, but cant reach him, so your party just need to dps boss then deal with ads after. In Uldaman, you quickly run out last room before door closes so boss chase you upstairs and his ads need to move up as well once spawned.
  19. wingpuller

    Leveling only by doing dungeons?

    Its not viable and you wont catch up in reasonable time.
  20. wingpuller

    Human or Dwarf?

    Rep bonus is actually best racial in this game.
  21. wingpuller

    4 Dragons of the Nightmares

    Those strats wont work when 2-3 raid from opposing faction + infinite number of solos from both factions are in to stop you.
  22. wingpuller

    Any overall best specc?

    35/11/5, standard holy paladin spec is good enough for farming outside instances, just wear tier gear you collect from raids and some shield or good 2hander. You have Consecration, Holy Shock, Divine Favor, uninteruptable heals, better mana pull, decent +hit, Ilumination, spell crit bonuses which is all nice, and if you farm in Plaguelands you can use even more tricks from your arsenal against undead mobs, namely Exorcism and Turn Undead.
  23. All released raid mobs/world bosses were already boosted on Nost in terms of HP in order to balance end game patch talents, didn't help.