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  1. wingpuller

    What level frostbolt for raiding?

    If you are WC spec you downrank your first 5 frostbolts (rank 2, so under gcd) till you stack debuff on boss. After/not wc spec max rank, use mana gems, mana pots on cd (dont wait till you near oom, start using when you have spent enough mana which you will replenish), if your guild takes too much time to kill it don't be afraid to evocate... if all that is not enough and you oom you can rank 1 for clearcast procs which you use for max rank cast. But seriously, just using consumables never had to even think of downranking (beside initial for stacking).
  2. You take paladin named 'Ret' and that doesn't hint you his real spec?
  3. wingpuller

    Honor rank not updating

    Its updated once per week, on wednesday (tomorrow !), aprox 10 am gmt+1.
  4. wingpuller

    rank frostbolt?

    If you are Winter Chill spec, rank 2 till you stack 5 on target, then max rank all the way. If you are not, max rank all the way. In theory you could use rank 1 to force clearcasting procs when oom and mana pot/gem both on cd, but that doesn't really happens.
  5. wingpuller

    For the Horde

    What if I tell you, there are other good guilds on Horde side of Nostalrius PvP server?
  6. Vanilla hunters (in 1.12 patch at least) are lowest dps class, so you bring 2 to cover tranquilizing shots and some other utility assignments: anything more than that is just filling raid spots when there are no other choices.
  7. wingpuller

    Pet Spawns the Cleaner

    It is how its supposed to be. No pets, no outside help.
  8. wingpuller

    @dreamstate @hordecucks

    So are rumours true, that world bosses are spawning twice per day now, and that Horde cant get any nevertheless?
  9. wingpuller


    Thorim doesnt cost 4g a piece + having shitload of it from mining anyway you cheapo. Only scrubs and goldbuyers use iron ones. @topic: try using sapper charge on fire vulnerability. Notice the difference.
  10. wingpuller

    Separate PvP/PvE server subforum

    PvE is of no difference on servers apart from patch they are on, and PvP on PvE server? Those guys need medical check, not their own section.
  11. wingpuller

    Hunter Noob need help

    Nah, thinks its more like you need 3% hit as a troll with bow. Never played troll so someone can correct me on it, orc master race, .
  12. wingpuller

    Hunter in raids

    Maybe because Arcane Shot shares CD with Aimed Shot?
  13. wingpuller

    Gnome/Goblin balace for Alliance?

    What a missinfo, there were like 10 gnomish engis for 1 goblin.
  14. This is about PvE aspect of the game, not your PvE realm, on old Nos PvP having NR gear ready was a must when throwing your application to decent guilds that plan to do AQ once its open (though nobody knew would it really be needed that much).