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  1. What is VCB? Vanilla Consolidate Buff-Frames (VCB) is a smart system to manage your auras. The AddOn provides a lot functions to customize it to your tastes and adds a lot of helpful functions for a better overview, which is its purpose in the first place anyway. What are the advantages with VCB? A better overview for your auras due to consolidation Never reach the aura cap because of useless auras that you don't need anyway with the Banning-System Each frame is movable, independently from each other Display even potential buffs, either grayed out or/and as number on the icon Display more than 16 buffs Customize the frames to your personal tastes Nearly everything is customizable Installing Instructions Download the AddOn here Rename the unziped folder to "VCB" Place the folder into your AddOn directory in your World of Warcraft folder (If you had a previous version (<v2.5)) Go into your WTF/Account/ACCNAME/SavedVariables/ Delete VCB.lua and VCB.lua.bak Go into your WTF/Account/ACCNAME/SERVER/CHARNAME/ Delete VCB.lua and VCB.lua.bak Delete VCB_AutoUnbuffer.lua and VCB_AutoUnbuffer.lua.bak Delete VCB_Buffframe.lua and VCB_Buffframe.lua.bak Enjoy How does it look like? The Default Frame Configuration: The Unlocked Frame: The Dummy Mode for configuration: The Consolidated Frame Options: Aww, my very first addon. Things changed so much :3 Fixed a few things. So the latest version is 3.1, which is the latest. cheers!
  2. MODIFIED POWER AURAS What is Modified Power Auras? Modified Power Auras is the advanced version of the AddOn Power Auras. It is a lot more powerful and provides every possible function that could be backported from cataclysm. Plus it provides some custom features that are very helpful. What are the advantages of Modified Power Auras? Use Icons instead of symbols More performant Show stacks of auras Show double procs (Holy strength) Show enemy buffs and debuffs Show your buffs and debuffs Show cooldown on trinkets or abilities Customize your aura and its position on the whole screen Use a lot new conditions to show/hide auras Play a sound if a aura is applied or fades Show buffs or debuffs from members in your (raid)group Installing Instructions Download the AddOn here Rename the unziped folder to "ModifiedPowerAuras" Place the folder into your AddOn directory in your World of Warcraft folder Start the game Type in /mpowa to open the configuration frame Enjoy How does it look like? All frames opened (Profile/EditAura/IconFrame): Auras on testmode: cheers! ~Shino
  3. DPSMate (Release) A combat analyzation tool What is DPSMate? DPSMate is not only a meter which shows numbers of the raid, such as damage done, damage taken, dispells etc., it is moreover an analyzing tool to review the raid or the previous fight as accurately as possible. This data can help to improve the gameplay or to judge better over someones performance. Mentionable features of DPSMate Frame: - Several frames, allowing to show different modes at the same time - Resizable, allowing to adjust it to the interface - Fully costumizable by using the configuration menu Modes: - ~40 different modes Some of them are: - Healing and Absorbs (Effective healing and Absorbs) - Deaths, recall your or someones death - Dispells, showing everyones dispells including hot dispells such as Abolish Poison - Interrupts, including stuns and silences - Auras (Gained, Lost and Uptime) - Compare mode - etc. Misc: - Several Segments (Total, Current, and previous fights) - Synchronizing, to guarantee accurate data - Report function for every mode and everys player data - An own evaluation site to compare to revamp the raid and compare to other guilds: Legacy Logs - And many more... But pictures tell more than words: Download and install: 1. Download the addon folder here. 2. Copy the content of the folder into your Interface/AddOns directory. 3. I recommend to increase the addon memory to 150 mb. 4. Remove DPSMate.lua and DPSMate.lua.bak in your WTF/Account/YOUR ACC NAME/Kronos/YOUR CHAR NAME/SavedVariables/ (if you had DPSMate installed before) 5. I recommend to disable SW_Stats. 6. Add these lines to your WTF/config.wtf: SET CombatLogRangeParty "150" SET CombatLogRangePartyPet "150" SET CombatLogRangeFriendlyPlayers "150" SET CombatLogRangeFriendlyPlayersPets "150" SET CombatLogRangeHostilePlayers "150" SET CombatLogRangeHostilePlayersPets "150" SET CombatLogRangeCreature "150" Legacy Logs: Legacy Logs is an world of logs-like evaluation site, using DPSMate to give you an indeph analyzation of your raid. I will make an extra thread for it on the forums as well. Please check it out, I would be very happy to see some logs from Elysium! It looks like this: (Link) Other Addons: I really don't want to spam my forum with all of my addons. However if you like this one, you may want to take a look at my other addons. You can find a full list here. Ending Words: This mod is still under heavy development, so check it frequently for updates. The Legacy Logs Launcher will update the mode automatically if you start it. Please report any bug if you encounter one, I need this feedback very much! Also. I am not playing here, so I won't check this forum as frequently. I apologize for any delayed response already. Support me! 1. Report bugs that you found. 2. Suggest improvements in this thread. 3. You can also donate for my projects if you like. cheers! Shino
  4. Current fight just shows you the current fight, then there are segments which lets you review recent current fights. But its not working atm in the newest version, so you got 2 totals I guess^^
  5. The without legacy logs version is currently bugged with some segments. The threat feature seems to be bugged atm as well. sorry^^
  6. just target yourself, this should solve your problem
  7. So today went the closed alpha view of Legacyplayers online. If you want to participate and help making this project better, join this discord! https://discord.gg/JMQrrqy cheers!
  8. Shino

    [Addon] ModifiedPowerAuras

    "Windfury" or "Windfury Totem" should work. But I hear extra attacks dont work on elysium, which this addon relies on to show it. cheers!
  9. Shino

    [Addon] ModifiedPowerAuras

    Please add it and a detailed description to the bugtracker, will fix it along with everything else with the next fix wave. cheers!
  10. Not sure, I dont understand how the cvars work on the vanilla client. As it seems they can only be written once. Hence if multiple addons try to register/modify these variables there will be an error. Havent really figured out how to solve this issue yet.
  11. Open up the addon file at this line and comment out this cvar registration
  12. Its because it does not fit, you need to decrease the font or do sth to shorten the string
  13. You were probably upgrading from an very old version to a new one. You need to delete DPSMate.lua and DPSMate.lua.bak from your WTF folder in all subfolders. cheers!
  14. I invite everyone to join the almost-alpha of legacylogs-upgrade project: I especially need people with options about design and its usability. If you are interested, join this discord: https://discord.gg/JMQrrqy cheers!
  15. Im not emulating any retail addon, they all look alike anyway. Go into options and change it if you want.
  16. In vanilla the api does not provide you information about the ownership of totems. So if there is more than one shaman, DPSMate couldnt tell for most totems which belongs to whom. So it is not shown in your player tab. Deactivate only show party to see it.
  17. Shino

    Help - DPSMate won't load

    Put the contents of the folder into your folder ;)
  18. They are not lost, they are still saved on my HDD, but the server cant handle so large databases. cheers!
  19. Looking for help with the frontend (HTML5, CSS4, C#, MySQL, JS) to help with the new project! Hit me up if interested! Discord: #3990
  20. Yep. This time I want to release something that is tested and kinda finished
  21. Oh, wait for the upgrade that is comming this winter :>
  22. Im sorry! But currently not much I can do. This has nothing to do with me but rather with the provider that is a little uncommunicative. As I already posted on Twitter, I hope I can get the service working again until the end of the week. cheers!
  23. Should appear in the auras tab and/or in the procs tab of healing/damage done