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  1. Current fight just shows you the current fight, then there are segments which lets you review recent current fights. But its not working atm in the newest version, so you got 2 totals I guess^^
  2. The without legacy logs version is currently bugged with some segments. The threat feature seems to be bugged atm as well. sorry^^
  3. just target yourself, this should solve your problem
  4. So today went the closed alpha view of Legacyplayers online. If you want to participate and help making this project better, join this discord! https://discord.gg/JMQrrqy cheers!
  5. Shino

    [Addon] ModifiedPowerAuras

    "Windfury" or "Windfury Totem" should work. But I hear extra attacks dont work on elysium, which this addon relies on to show it. cheers!
  6. Shino

    [Addon] ModifiedPowerAuras

    Please add it and a detailed description to the bugtracker, will fix it along with everything else with the next fix wave. cheers!
  7. Not sure, I dont understand how the cvars work on the vanilla client. As it seems they can only be written once. Hence if multiple addons try to register/modify these variables there will be an error. Havent really figured out how to solve this issue yet.
  8. Open up the addon file at this line and comment out this cvar registration
  9. Its because it does not fit, you need to decrease the font or do sth to shorten the string
  10. You were probably upgrading from an very old version to a new one. You need to delete DPSMate.lua and DPSMate.lua.bak from your WTF folder in all subfolders. cheers!
  11. I invite everyone to join the almost-alpha of legacylogs-upgrade project: I especially need people with options about design and its usability. If you are interested, join this discord: https://discord.gg/JMQrrqy cheers!
  12. Im not emulating any retail addon, they all look alike anyway. Go into options and change it if you want.
  13. In vanilla the api does not provide you information about the ownership of totems. So if there is more than one shaman, DPSMate couldnt tell for most totems which belongs to whom. So it is not shown in your player tab. Deactivate only show party to see it.
  14. Shino

    Help - DPSMate won't load

    Put the contents of the folder into your folder ;)