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  1. Hi, Welcome! We love having new streamers aboard. Please Direct Message me in Discord if you would like to be promoted when streaming Elysium content. Look forward to hearing from you -Kayla
  2. Kayla

    PVE Server Request

    Greetings Thirdxeye, The Elysium Staff is in no way against a PvE Server. We do understand that this is in demand by players. The only issue would be how many. The demand for it is too low at the moment but if more raised inquiry about such then this is something Elysium would implement. Thank you for the Elysium Support!
  3. Kayla


    Duh! Obviously! =P
  4. Good Morning! See responses below in Bold. - how do you want to make sure that they are not selling their could at your shops and trade the coins for other stuff which could be sold for money again.. maybe even cheaper due to a different ratio. "The Ratio would not be enough to make trading items for real money worth it. Even if the ratio Was worth it there is no in-game benefit from any Vanity items." - will you add more "goodies" to your shop? Or what shall happen with higher amounts of coins at players account balance.. I might fear that buying mounts only wount be satisfying to sell ingame gold on a long term "Yes, different and more types of Vanity items will be available at the shop in the future. But not items worth making a profit having any type of turn around for selling for money. Keep in mind that the Vanity items may seem a little over priced and pets useless in game etc but this is also a way for players to get rewarded for Donating to the site. Donating to the Project or even using the Shop is not necessary to joining the Server. Also keep in mind that this does NOT stop our dev/gm's from still Banning and regulating any and all Gold Sellers from third party sources." The idea is let trading Coins for In-Game Gold among players and removing the possibility of Any Gold Sellers to Profit from it in anyway. =)
  5. Greetings!!! Our Elysium Staff has thoughts of introducing Gold Trading into our Market Place (Shop). This feature is called the Black Market and you may have already noticed it Shaded Out in your Shop Categories. Before introducing this feature we would like to know your feedback! In explanation, what this feature would allow you to do is be able to trade your in Game Gold for Elysium Coins. Example: If I had 500 in-game gold and placed it into the Black Market to be sold someone then would be able to purchase this Gold with 100 Coins. No new Gold Will be generated in game and no Gold Selling Sites or Farmers would be at anyway be able to profit off of any of the Gold being put up. This is strictly a Player trade being that NO outside party would benefit from this transaction. We are unclear if there will be limitations to the amount of Gold being sold at the moment as well as the exact amount each gold will be worth to Coin ratio. Your feedback is incredibly important to us and would like to hear what everyone thinks of implementing this Trade or having this option to. Thank you!! 😃 ~Kayla LaRosa - CM
  6. New 40-man Raid Patch coming out early 2018! I heard this Raid Boss is impossible to defeat!!! LOL ^_-
  7. Kayla

    Best Of You - MV

    This one almost killed for sure! Most hours I have ever spent on a Video Project. Creds... - Blizzcon - Warcraft The Movie - Elysium Project - The Kayla Project - Staysafe Gaming - Alexsenual - Overwatch - Diablo 2 - Hurricane Productions - Warcraft 3 - Immortal Lords Guild - Esfand - Singularity Guild - Progress Guild - Nilsdanger - Aldor - SpeaktoRyan - Patcast - Vernak For those who "DO" enjoy my art and vision, thanks for the continued support!!! As always, much luv!
  8. By request, I am taking over the Guild List FOR THE ALLIANCE!! This way we can continue the idea of having this master list and keeping it up to date! (kudos to Kurupt). If you have started, or are planning on starting an Alliance guild on the Elysium PVP server - please post a comment including the following information for your guild: Guild name, time zone, recruitment message, in-game objectives, raiding schedule, discord/website links, and any other relevant information for potential applicants. I will update the post to list these guilds. Thank you, and looking forward to seeing many of you in-game! Please adhere to the following format to make my life a little bit easier... <Guild Name> (Location) | Objectives (PvP/PvE) | Raid Schedule + Time Zone | Recruitment Message | Discord/Website/Forums I will keep these Guilds in alphabetical order and also section the NA Guilds and EU Guilds apart. Thanks!!! [Guild Master List] NA Guilds <Carpe Tempore> (EST) | Casual/Hardcore PvP/PvE leveing guild | Raid Schedule TBD | Leveling Guild seeking to seize the moment of having tons of fun! | Discord TBD NA/EU Guilds <Synergy> (EU/NA) | Progressive PvE / Social | Wednesdays and Sundays GMT +1, additional alt raids on Thursdays all at 19:45 ST | A friendly and experienced core that clear content efficiently within a social community that has lasted over 3 years across various servers | Apply at http://synergy-ed.shivtr.com/ or join our discord EU Guilds
  9. Kayla

    [H] <whatever> (EU) PvE - 10/10 & 8/8

    hrm...think we need to update master list
  10. Should we just make a new thread then completely? Might be a good idea and have someone maintain it.....or else this list is pretty useless...
  11. Love you all so much for everything you do. I consider it since August on my first day. I always supported Elysium we have been through a lot with the server opening and closing but we persevered through it all and I'm so glad I stuck by the team!! It has been so rewarding!
  12. Anyone know the percentage of US players VS EU players here. I was just wondering. I used to think that EU out numbered NA but a lot but now it seems like numbers and percentages have changed/declined. Anyone know the logistics. Just was kind of wondering.