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  1. 2k que can't even play or login it's stuck on calculating
  2. Zetox

    Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector (how it should work)

    Reflectors should make u immune to all things in that school (ex: immune to nova and frost armor slow) and only projected targeted spells or traps actually 'reflect' back. Also should not work if used mid air (like on feenix). I hope all these engineering items can be fixed before Nost launch
  3. Definitely using this over SWstats I"m OCD about matching..is it possible to add a customizable border?
  4. Greetings great work on this Addon! Is there a way you could add some customization scaling for open details solo and comparing? I'm having trouble doing it via a script as the settings go away each time I re open a detail and I'm forced to press the script again and have a separate script when I'm comparing 2 details. Cheers
  5. Greetings Everyone! I love Vanilla wow, am a multi r1 PvPer, and love philosophy/psychology I am streaming at twitch.tv/zetoxisbad Come join the adventure!