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  1. Nelythia

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    DEAL Thats a solution I approve!
  2. Nelythia

    WoW Client Can't Connect to Server

    VPN Torrent Delete wow in the torrent list or just stop seeding.
  3. Nelythia

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    For your information, I haven't said it takes up the majority or a big amount of online count, but it still proves that saying "duh huh it said 2000 online" is not to be taken serious, as at least some of that can be ignored due to multiboxing, botting, goldspamming, etc. Also, every guild has many accounts going around, being shared and multiboxed. Why am I supposed to call my guildmates out, when almost any "serious" raiding guild on Darrow (at least on Horde I know 3 guilds with only some of character names involved) does it and keeps it behind the curtains? I was senior GM on Nostalrius, I was CA, CM and Senior GM on Elysium. How do you dare to claim I haven't been involved deep into the project?
  4. Nelythia

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Then you don't play much or you don't know what Multiboxing refers to. Alone today I have seen 3 alliance multiboxers crossing me in Badlands, and that is only 3 that crossed me. In addition to that from 2k online today (which is both factions still and doesn't mean that horde is not low populated) you have countless of players having multiple characters online. It's not a story I made up, its a fact. Alone in my guild there are up to 10 players every day having more than 1 character online, be it for Lotus spawn camping, checking the AH, mailing/banking or anything else. That is ~13 players ALONE from my playing perspective today. Now count all the other potential multiboxers of alliance side especially, and horde to that. As former staff member on Nostalrius myself I can tell you that this is by far not true. Goldspam bots are online for sometimes days, because most GM's will just mute them instead of banning them, since bots will never know if they are still spamming when you let them online but with disabled chat. Also staff doesn't have any alerts that tell you "hey here is goldspammer character XYZ" so your whole argument of "either no staff is online or they're banning them" is not valid at all. You are making this up, with no experience behind the curtains whatsoever.
  5. Nelythia

    higher server cap for elysium?

    Because since Dire Maul patch on Elysium there is a software issue that is at fault for the lag, not the player amount online and also not the hardware. Its a DEV issue.
  6. Nelythia

    Where is my character?

    Make sure you log into the correct account. If you used the same credentials on other websites or servers you probably got hacked and the character deleted. You can try having it restored via ingame ticket, but they are very time sensitive so the character is most likely gone.
  7. Nelythia

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    How the **** did you come to the conclusion that capping Elysium at 4k and by doing that removing 50% of the concurrent players online will solve anything? It will only cause drama and REEEEing, as you lock out anyone that has invested a tremendous time there already by RNG queueing and praying to enter the game world before you are already out of time to play for the day. It would just like release days promote anti afking and the likes again, and for sure players won't reroll on Ana or Darrow just to play the game. People are attached to their main characters. STOP this reroll / fresh start MEME. Honestly. Its ANNOYING.
  8. Nelythia

    PW change

    Log out of the control panel then click the email link
  9. Nelythia

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    @Roxanne FlowersYour argument has a major issue you haven't considered. Online counts both factions, this is correct. However, this doesn't mean that this is the amount of players. The /who online count adds every character online, this means every player Multiboxing contributes the amount of his characters online to "players" online. Same for Bots, goldseller spam accounts, staff characters online and many many more. So from the 1700+ you see on your screenshot, it's not 1700+ players. It could actually be a lot less depending on amount of online multiboxing players, bots, spam accounts, staff, etc etc etc. I am tired of explaining it. I am committed to my main just as everyone else, why am I supposed to throw away 200 days played just to reroll yet another time just like I had to on Nostalrius to avoid 12.5k+ peaks on an established server with huge spell and cast delay and severe decreasing of view distance?
  10. Nelythia

    Server Crashes

    Maybe starting on one of the lower populated servers.
  11. Taking bets when it will disband.
  12. Nelythia

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    "Customers" There is not enough demand to give Darrowshire a TBC PvE server when Crestfall will have a PTE PvE server as well. Keep in mind Darrowshire chars will also still be on the vanilla Elysium servers, which means players that don't want to play TBC will stay there and are already removed from the count. As well as players that will want to join Crestfall due to fresh start, which are not to be taken into account for Darrowshire TBC PvE either. You keep demanding a further splitting of the "PvE" community, when there is already too low of a demand. This is a volunteer based project that relys on money and as such regular donations by players. Not a business.
  13. Nelythia

    Help account closed?

    Temporarily Ip ban due to multiple failed login attempts. Wait 1 hour without logging in or reset your IP
  14. Nelythia

    Stuck for over a week

    Use .unstuck command.