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  1. I hear ya, it's the Elysium forums village idiot.
  2. HudsonHawk

    [Addon]Monkey Mods

    Ever heard of this GitHub thing? Works wonders for this kinda thing.
  3. HudsonHawk

    Spotted Yellowtail locations

    Here is a idea where to go to catch the little yellow bellied bastards. https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=4603
  4. HudsonHawk

    Oily Blackmouth?

    Then you are no Captain Highliner and should be ashamed. Give me your rod and begone with you.
  5. HudsonHawk

    H/A Cooking guide 1-300

    You and I think alike. +1
  6. HudsonHawk

    Dont got the Slow Skill

    It's probably an addon or show available spells issue (at trainer).
  7. HudsonHawk

    Pet's training points

    I can also say that loyalty and happiness is different and correct. You don't "need" to kill mobs and level your pet to gain loyalty. Just feed it and keep it happy and loyalty will follow....just slower.
  8. HudsonHawk

    lazyhunter autoshot+petattack macro

    https://github.com/Geigerkind/OneButtonHunter Doesn't get much simpler than that. Good? No, but you get the result of the effort put into it. Hope that helps.
  9. HudsonHawk

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

  10. HudsonHawk


    What are your movement keys?
  11. HudsonHawk

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
  12. HudsonHawk

    Unable to install client