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  1. kimking

    fist of stone

    No i did not have any % mark. It do not have any of the text -Chance on hit:Restores 45mana. Othe text is the same. Well any ways, got upgrade sword from Sunken temple to tankadin.
  2. Has is modified the mace? Cant see the -Chance on hit text on the mace Server:Darrowshire http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Fist_of_Stone
  3. kimking

    Sunken Temple Hakkar

    Thx, i totaly forgot that i cant keep the egg, like The mallet of Zull farrak. Didnt it have a plate armor chest for tanking?
  4. kimking

    Sunken Temple Hakkar

    Hi. I did complete the quest The god Hakkar. But can i still start the event in ST after i have completed the quest? Need the chest item from it.
  5. thank you, wery happy about the news.
  6. kimking

    PvE elysium realm?

    pve realm, if player database comes also. i do not want to start allover again. made it too many times
  7. kimking

    Alliance suomi kilta

    löytyneekö suomi kiltaa allujen puolelta?
  8. kimking

    PVE server

    ok thank u for the answer. why i asked? becaus im not that much pvp person and Nostalrius had in begining and Vanilla-servers had it in plan, if population woud be enough.
  9. not sure if this is asked already. Is there a pve server coming? and can character be tranfomed to it, if it comes?