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  1. arbet

    Questions about AFKing

    You probably only directly use a very small percentage, but if you're playing the AH properly you need to have comprehensive scanning and do it every day to get the best results and make the most money.
  2. arbet

    Questions about AFKing

    auctioneer is not very useful if you don't scan the entire AH... what an odd comment to make.
  3. arbet

    Stealing the flag?

    OH he bubbled me and that means I can't have the flag. I see. ty
  4. arbet

    Stealing the flag?

    What's that? I whispered him to ask how he did it and he just replied 'bop' had no idea what he meant.
  5. I was playing WSG yesterday, I picked up the flag from the FR and was running out with it, then another ally player run up to me and took it off me. If he had asked I would probably have dropped it and given it to him as he was better geared than me, but... how did he steal it from me? I was just running and next thing I know I've dropped the flag and he's got it. We were both level 29 if that makes any difference.
  6. imo it just requires you to be more tactical. yes it's frustrating that if the efc has gotten past everyone then you'll struggle to catch them but on the other hand it means you should try to have a couple of players running ahead of the efc to be ready to catch them and slow them.
  7. Yeah on my old characters on Zeth'Kur battlegrounds were instant no matter what level I was. I guess theres just a lower portion of people levelling now. Still, when you see hundreds of 20-29s in quest zones I don't really know why there aren't enough to get into AB.
  8. in a massive battleground like AV then sure... but no sorry WSG and AB are very small and mounts just make it silly. Especially in WSG when the fc can't mount and everyone else can run at double speed, just makes it unfair in my opinion. Or maybe not even unfair but just takes away the fun.
  9. like I said BG's are much less fun once they have mounts, especially fast mounts at max level!
  10. I've been levelling a couple of characters between 20 and 30, Horde and Alliance. Getting into WSG is easy, very short queues. But AB is damn near impossible. Even this weekend which was the Arathi Basin weekend, it was impossible. I queued several times for 90+ minutes and did not get into a game. I have only managed to play AB once in the past two months, whereas I've played dozens of WSG matches. Why does no one play it? Maybe it's easier at max level but AB (and WSG) is so much better pre-40... :(
  11. arbet

    Increase ignore limit

    Oh really? Could you name some? I have a huge pack of addons but don't know what they do, maybe there will be an addon in there that does it.
  12. Is there any possibility of Elysium increasing the number of players you can /ignore ? Whenever I see gold sellers in trade or especially when they whisper me, I /ignore them. It generally seems to be a good way of dealing with them. However I have hit the limit on ignore list and after deleting everyone and starting again I'm getting more whispers from gold sellers. Is there a way you could increase the cap on ignore? it seems pretty arbitrary to me and I don't believe this would affect the authenticity of the game to being true to the original vanilla game.
  13. No, view distance isn't lag, but that was the only way they could manage the population. Nost was pretty horrible in that regard, I would much prefer lower population then you don't have to worry about view distance OR lag.
  14. It wasn't as bad as it currently is, but it did used to be fairly bad