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  1. AlecarrZet

    Looking for leveling friends

    I think I saw that when it was first posted here, but a good re-read now that I'm looking for one. Thanks
  2. AlecarrZet

    Update 22.08.2016

    Expected difficulty is close to KDQ and ramping up as you get deeper into the dungeon. - BOOOO Those mobs really hurt, anotehr update just for the raiders then
  3. AlecarrZet

    перестал работать таллант

    у меня он работать перестал после того, как в него проф. активная пена попала... поменял под дождем за 3-5 минут
  4. AlecarrZet

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus

    Good news The longlegs accepted your application... at least for those toons which dont bear the name of a major lore character. We could start with a gnome Which one is the gnome? We love gnomes -- Jimmble the gnome
  5. AlecarrZet

    Kenco's Threat Guide

    well its my 1st time that i heard this game, im interested about rules and how it works is there any guide here that i can read or know some information? pls give some link.. who made this game? anyone knows it? thanks and good day