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  1. Pact of Shadow has been streaming their KT progress. Unknown if other chinese guilds also are at KT. Perhaps it was like you said, you do not play at the same time as them and maybe that applies to the US GMs as well. GL on your progress.
  2. Why would I be salty? Just correcting the invalid screenshot that you proudly posted.
  3. What about the chinese guild(s) that killed Sapphiron before you?
  4. Yes i agree, no wbuffs for 2 more weeks. I have consumables to sell!
  5. Sanders

    <Coalition> EU Nostalrius PvP

    Naxxramas is coming in a week and we need a few more members. 1 Fury Caster DPS (Warlock / Mage) Healers Visit http://coalitionguild.shivtr.com/forums and make an application.
  6. Sanders

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    Check the hunters that minmax their damage and can actually play the game. If you are in a guild with a likeminded mindset as your own, i would guarentee that these x-amount of hunters would be #1 in your raid.
  7. Sanders

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    Thanks for shitting on hunters. Want me to pay for a professional to script pets keeping their buffs after being dismissed? Since you guys clearly cant do it.
  8. Sanders

    <Coalition> EU Nostalrius PvP

  9. Depends what guild you are in, if you have strict debuff rules then it is not a problem. Also gets applied often if you have more then one hunter with 8/8 T2. But if you compare the total RAP / Crit / Agi from both sets, not including the bonus sets, T2 is still superior. +Spell dmg is a dead stat in all scenarios.
  10. "Currently top 30 hunter on Anathema" Gz m8 so you are like the worst raiding hunter on the server. Your itemization is very questionable since 8/8 T2 is better then the items equipped on realmplayers.
  11. "C'thun Down Without Songflower, Onyxia, or Dire Maul Buffs" Gz took you a while. Snake, snaaake, snaaaaaaake.
  12. Sanders

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    "10 agi < 21+ AP, if you're not survival specced, because virtually any number of AP is better than the additional crit from agi" You need to think about BoK and ZG world buff as well. Agility is worth more then your statement.
  13. " widen the standing by PvPing on more characters" I have no words.
  14. "I don't have anything against widening the standing as long as you do that by ingame activity and not by asking admins to tweak the system so you would not have to do that at all." Are you serious mate? At the moment ranking on horde is фекал easy (Except perhaps for standing 1-2 where Firemeow and Hardcore are). If you check realmplayers you see what honor the people are below these two players. Its nothing. On the other side, alliance, you spend countless of hours and land in lets say standing 5-8 which gives you bracket 6 RP. Its nothing. People dont want to continue if only ONE PERSON can actually rank.