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  1. Euronymous

    2 man DMN - Tribute farm (video inside)

    Very legit run. I wouldn't have thought it was possible with your combo until I saw it, glad to have helped.
  2. Euronymous

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    I got this off the creature_template table in the db.
  3. Euronymous

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    One thing you might wanna take into account while tuning is that an armour buff has convoluted implications on itemisation and playstyles. Currently, Bonereaver's Edge is able to shave off 2.1k armour from C'thun and Ouro, simply because the sum of all the other debuffs you can apply is nowhere near 8.2k. This makes it a very strong contender, if not the best choice, for dps warriors on those fights. It certainly seems weird for an item to remain so strong so long after its expiration date. Increasing hit points instead would create a difficulty buffer that doesn't encourage gimmicky workarounds. Fights will last longer as intended while arriors will be inclined to use current-tier weapons.
  4. Bump for R E L A T I V E L Y F A S T clears.
  5. Euronymous

    We may lose Multiple ranks of the same Judgement mechanic

    YES Make JoL ranks unstackable please. Anything to elicit more butthurt from non-specs.
  6. Euronymous <Dankk Budz Collective> has subtlety on cloak and dodge on cloak.
  7. Euronymous <Dankk Budz Collective> has +15 agi to gloves.
  8. Every time I make the mistake of reading one of this dude's incoherent ramblings and cringey forum signature, I have a mild aneurysm.
  9. Resto shamans still in high demand, more news at 11.
  10. This is a disaster, I'm not looking forward to every second person I meet having the scarab lord mount.
  11. If you wanna avoid using clunky quotation marks around filepaths, you have to escape sequence the whitespaces like this: $ unrar x /name_of_file_directory/Name\ of\ rar\ archive.rar This allows bash to interpret the filename as a single argument passed to the flag, instead of using the space as a delimiter for subsequent arguments.