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  1. [Current position for Spriest on hold] Warlock slot is still open ofc. A geared, dedicated warlock!
  2. WE GOT A SPOT FOR A DEDICATED SUPER BEAST SHADOW PRIEST!!! (if u are unable to meet all our raid times then don't bother applying, we need a Spriest that can hold 100% attendance since there is only room for one of you! Mon, Wed, Thur 19:00 - 23:00 server time)
  3. Shayss


    Why would they do this when they don't want to deal with the even more prevalent herb spawnrate vs population size issue.
  4. Room opened up for a Fury warrior (a geared one obviously)
  5. Shayss

    Herb spawn rate.

    Obligatory weekly-ish bumb Yeah sure is nice having this massive pop. Would be cool if I could.. you know, get a plaguebloom or an icecap. How has this not been addressed yet.
  6. forum.elysium-project.org/topic/56124-so-wuts-up-with-this-id-nonsense/?tab=comments#comment-445829
  7. My guild, Iron Edge has had a history of getting cucked out of our raiding with regards to broken IDs. This is the 3rd time we are getting fucked. This last thursday (5/10) we went into MC and were instantly greeted with 4 of our raiders being locked to a seperate raid ID. We decided to just take the hit(as if we had a choice) and had them log onto alts cause then atleast they could play with us. Then we start clearing and we reach Luci, except it's not Luci, just the 2 Luci adds with no boss. Our BWL ID has reset aswell. Some of my players have unlimited DM:N IDs. Made a ticket that Jakira was kind enough to answer that they will roll out something later. I thought, ok, so we should be able to get our ID's fixed. Except I don't think that's gona be the case considering this last Elysium discord post: Elysium Project (@elysium_dev) October 7th, 2017 — 02:15 Due to mail system issues, offline handling of GM tickets are on hold. We apologize for the inconvenience. Elysium Project (@elysium_dev) October 7th, 2017 — 02:18 Additionally, correction about Raid IDs — at this time there is no Support solution to wrong raid IDs. GMs will be unable to assist you. We are also informed that we cannot reclear already cleared content this week, so we obviously can't reclear the reset BWL. We effectively just lose our raid and the loot that we want from there. It also seems all the other major guilds had a great time and cleared with zero issues. So, did anyone else get fucked or is it just us?
  8. Got some new locks. Probably want another one.
  9. Brown-nosing does not equate to loot but does earn u a gimpsuit!
  10. Shayss

    Herb spawn rate.

    I'll copy the important parts for you: "Since the AV patch however the herb spawn rates have reverted back to an abysmal respawn." " Can you please buff the spawn rates to suit to population size again... " " the prices on AH are also going up and up since the herb spawnrate has not changed. Please consider fixing this before things become too dire. I don't want to play on a server that has an economy like Anathema... "
  11. Shayss

    Herb spawn rate.

    Iron Edge doesn't Flask for MC + BWL. You can confirm this by checking out realmplayers. " Can you please buff the spawn rates to suit to population size again... " That, is the important part. I also don't say you need Flasks. That is you projecting your selfworth.