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  1. cryofsorrow

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Sorry, I personally am not the best theorycrafter and I don't think I can make such calculation. That, and I'm really lazy when it comes to such things. Prancinglid's post however is how I look on the stats weights; it depends on how fast you and your guild is killing a boss. About Spirit: it's just a bonus stat and not something you should aim for at all. I guess the only time Spirit comes into play is if you have a for sure Innervate that's dedicated to you. And I'm pretty sure I made this quite obvious in the first post - this thread is just the very basics, the way you build your gear for different fights depends mainly on how you and your guild do them.
  2. cryofsorrow

    Gaming lap for Vanilla

    My bad, didn't see the notes at the bottom of the page.
  3. cryofsorrow

    Gaming lap for Vanilla

    Wouldn't this http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/CVar_processAffinityMask help? Just throwing it as a suggestion, I'm not really into hardware.
  4. cryofsorrow

    The most underrated healer item

    Rather stack up on Night Dragons, but ye, this item is useful but just barely. And it's not that expensive as gotmilk0112 says it is, at least it shouldn't be. And the CD with potions is a bug, yes.
  5. cryofsorrow

    What's going on?

    Nice argument. Did you play previously on Nostalrius or just slamming that "you have 8 days to prove you're worth it" post in most of the recent events related threads? Even Nostalrius' AQ20/40 on the PTR had problems, big part of the community actually never got to see the last of what was done to AQ by Nano for example. I believe only few chosen guilds had opportunity to test it out more thouroughly but that's irrelevant to this topic. Hell, Blackwing Lair release wasn't that smooth coding-wise (or server stability wise for that matter, kek) on Nostalrius PvP (Anathema PvP now). Do you even know/remember the first timeline the original Nostalrius had? Ye, original Nostalrius team was way overdue and eventhough people kept whining on the forums about content being delayed, most of the players waited patiently. And this is what people need to do; chill out a bit and wait to see what'll happen. Obviously, if AQ gets delayed big time THEN it might raise concerns. Untill then all this blabbering about this timeline is pointless.
  6. cryofsorrow

    Why are Anathema Horde 60s gutless?

    0/10. Let's see what you'll be doing when you're 60.
  7. cryofsorrow

    Item dissappaeared

    Source please. I'm using the COD service quite often and never had problems so far. That's at least how it is on Anathema PvP. To the OP: A lot of people used to troll with COD. You mail them the item they want to buy, but they never pay for it so the mail is "stuck" for 30 days on their side. That's what happened most probably. Or if there really is an issue with COD mailing, you have to wait 30 days for the mail to come back and if the item is still not there, make a ticket so you can notify the GMs there is a problem. Sadly though, you have really low chance of getting the item(s) restored if you lost them due to a bug.
  8. cryofsorrow

    I lose my weapon and offhand after switching

    I believe only the off-hand might be eligible for recovery since it's a quest item, but don't quote me on that. The mace you can get back by running BRD again. Btw, Erjh8765 obviously doesn't know that specific off-hand is the best healer item in the game in it's 1.3 version. I have to ask, did you use any addon like Outfitter or ItemRack, or any addon that's gear related? I know many people are using Outfitter for example, but I also know a rogue player that lost a sword by switching around his gear sets with such addon. I don't have that confirmed but it's a reason I'm not using gear addons. In either case, the chance of you getting your items back are pretty slim so I suggest you go with it and be more careful next time (if you did anything specific when you lost your items, that is).
  9. cryofsorrow

    Giving a Gold

    Just like the Cogfather told you, if your gold is "clean" you shouldn't worry about anything. I personally have given/lend gold, consumables and raw materials to guildies, friends and people that aren't even related to me. And few times I've dealt with amounts between 50 and 500 gold. Never had problem, nor the recipients. In fewer words: if your gold is legitimate, you can do whatever you want with it.
  10. cryofsorrow

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    I believe you need only 6% spell hit total for PvP (i.e. 3/5 shadow focus) but that'll hinder your PvE performance due to high mana cost on your spells and regular resists. You can counter that with more spell hit on your gear but at the cost of spell power. The missing 15% mana regen while casting due to no Meditation in the build you linked I personally don't like. It's just 15% but as Spriest you'll need every bit of mana regain you can get. I guess the rest should be okay if you'll do PvE and PvP. And as Alliance and having Blessing of Salvation may be you can draw 2 points from Silent Resolve and put them into Martyrdom since it's really good for PvP. Your best bet would be to ask some PvP Spriest what build does he use to do both.
  11. How do you mean it's a word no one uses, apart from it's ecclesiastical (thanks, dictionary) meaning. I use it rarely in my mother tongue when joking about random things. And Alexensual just shows how ignorant he is outside of WoW as well.
  12. cryofsorrow

    Griefing Devilsaurs

    ^ Yeah, massive drop of rogues, fury warriors and hunters I guess. I bet 100g all realms are full to the brink with those classes so no biggie. I was about to post something along the lines of Heglamore's post but that won't be needed. This thread is like me complaining there are people that are more dedicated than me finding Black Lotus, or any other expensive material/mob/etc. Like others have suggested, either try to fight the mafia/cartel/thugs/bludz-n-cripz or just go elsewhere and farm other stuff so you can pay for your devilsaur leathers. BTW, LOL at the 4chan image. 10/10 proof.