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  1. So many people to produce a shitty game. I bet no one in that crowd understands why this game used to be great and why so many played it, or why they will never even come close to achieving the level of success that their predecessors did. Keep padding themselves on the back to shit all over the memory of what was once the best game ever made. I'd be depressed if I were involved with the game today. But I guess it pays well, so fuck it, cash those checks. How much would you sell out for? Everyone has a price.
  2. Drain

    Another AV lose fest

    Problem boils down to people who no longer care about rank/honor deliberately griev, er, "defending", in matches so they won't end and others cannot progress. Since everything is built around the end of a match, simply stalling it screws everyone over. A time limit of some kind would help everyone, but GL getting this staff to care. They do plenty of unblizlike things, just nothing that helps us. We need a time limit to force matches to close, so they can't be dragged out for 10 hours because a group of pricks turtled up and maxed out the guards. This is the easiest and most obvious solution.
  3. If you weren't even 60 yet, then what's the big deal? You've had almost a year now vs what amounts to only a few weeks to get back to 60.
  4. Drain

    Another AV lose fest

    Sat in queue for almost an hour before giving up on it. While you complain about an exploit in an already broken map; we don't even get matches on Anathema. I wish they'd cross realm our queues with darrow.
  5. It should have been left at the normal rate. Was no point changing it. If you want to do something unblizlike, then ban grieving pricks like Ickus.
  6. Drain

    Striker's Garb

    It's an all around upgrade over dragon, but the effort required to get it isn't really worth it unless your guild has farmed AQ for a while and dumping tokens to the wayside. You see Warriors/Rogues share the same AQ tokens (for whatever stupid reason), and they will all get priority over a Hunter who adds no real DPS to a raid. No one will push you to upgrade to striker, and will in fact fight you as much as possible if you tell them you want it. This means most people will not complete this set and just skip it. As juicy as that rapid fire bonus looks; GL getting all 5 to use it. Also, unless you're survival spec, the slightly higher stats doesn't add much. The bottom line is that you have a set which provides a neglectable boost to an already neglectable DPS. Striker's best selling point is actually the fact that it doesn't waste a debuff slot like full dragon does. This might encourage a guild better than anything else to give some to you. Your personal DPS goes up with striker (as long as you keep 3 dragon for hawk), while the raid's also goes up by not sinking a debuff slot, but again, it's unlikely any guild will give Hunters these tokens over any Warrior/Rogue. T3 is actually much easier to get because Warrior/Rogue is finally on a separate token (thank baby jesus they finally learned), meaning we don't get fucked trying to get ours. Blizzard in general didn't give any kind of a shit about this class until Naxx. All of our sets pre Naxx have serious design flaws, with the ZG one just being fucking terrible. So if you've survived eating all of the shit Blizzard forces down its throat pre Naxx, it'll finally pay off with T3.
  7. They need to open up transfers from Elysium to Anathema. It would help the populations and in no way hurt the timelines. Until they do that, we on Anathema have to suffer with abysmal pop (made worse by the fact that selfish players bandwagon onto the bigger one), and Elysium is bloated. Players who would move, are blocked from doing so. Why the staff doesn't just charge a fee to transfer all your characters over is beyond me. It'd be an easy make to make some money. The server doesn't run on sunshine and rainbows you know.
  8. Drain

    Should I roll human or dwarf priest?

    You also get cleanse and divine shield, we do not. Do not try to make a contest where one literally can not be made. An Alliance raid with 0 fear wards is still better than a Horde raid.
  9. I don't know why so many people want to be in this scumbag guild. They go out of their way to grieve other guilds, as if no one else is allowed to raid. Being furthered progressed should not be worth being surrounded by assholes.
  10. Drain

    Too Many Vanilla Veterans!

    I don't know what else you expect from a decade old game. Most players who play it are veterans. It's not new. But this in every way works to your favor. The server is full of knowledgeable players that can tell you things, and when you join guilds, they generally know how to clear the content. I don't know why you'd ever want to be ignorant about something, nor know any situation where it is a good thing. "I want to wipe my brain and be an idiot again", said no one.
  11. They actually capped at 3.5k. I don't know where you pulled out 2k. But the game world can easily house twice as many, making 7k a good cap. Modern day hardware is much better than 10+ years ago. But any more than this and there aren't enough mobs or resources, meaning you then have to slash respawn timers, which is illogial vs just having more realms. (Nost was fucking dumb)
  12. Drain

    Should I roll human or dwarf priest?

    Only shitty raids care about fear ward. Horde doesn't even get this spell. Human is perfectly fine.
  13. Drain

    Which realm?

    Go to Anathema. Go to where you needed most. Avoiding it doesn't help and actually makes our situation worse.
  14. Drain

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    I'm not going to explain basic melee combat mechanics. You can do that research yourself. But a pet in raids only serves 2 purposes, neither of which use the majority of their talents. 1) To pull and die. (You only need 7 BM to get revive, and 5 are to shoot) 2) To buff yourself with howl, ideally on passive right next to you so it stays away from the bosses. Nothing is stopping you from sending one in to die, which I do all the time. You just logically should not waste talent points on them. Our main pulling Hunter actually uses 2/2 revive, which is purely because reviving it after every pull is a pain in the ass.
  15. Since it's not hosted in a DMCA country (MURICA), they'd have to take someone to court to have it shutdown. This is far more trouble than it's worth. Assuming they did come after it, the staff would just move it to another ISP or country. Then Blizzard would have to spend another fortune going after it again. If you want to learn how something can stay up despite every attempt to shut it down, just read up on the history of the piratebay.