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  1. ShadowLords

    I lost my pet...

    Thanks for the help really appreciate the effort Jupes!
  2. ShadowLords

    I lost my pet...

    Update: Great! now I gotta figure out how to get "Training points"...lol
  3. ShadowLords

    I lost my pet...

    Daaang! you're right I never would've been able to figure that one out on my own, no matter how long I would've sat there and stared at my spell book. Thank you much! ~Shadow~
  4. ShadowLords

    I lost my pet...

    ...and so I got a new one, but when the U.I popped up for the pet it didn't have the "growl" taunt ability on it like it had with my previous pet. My question is where do I find this ability to put back on the pets U.I? it's not in my spell book , and it's nothing under the pet tab. Thanks
  5. ShadowLords

    I know its a pvp server but...

    This is when u go do another quest, or visit a different zone for a while then maybe come back, and try again, then again there are some quests that due to overcrowding, long respawn timers etc...that for the sake of your own sanity are just best to move on from.
  6. I agree with this decision, a matter of fact push the level up even further to level 10, I've actually always wanted vanilla to be even harder to play, so raise that level up even higher, I wanna see the player base really crying on these forums.
  7. ShadowLords

    <We Did It> ALLIANCE

    isn't just this question alone an automatic disqualification? sometimes you get a question that need not be answered and just moved on from especially when the answer to the question is in the title of the original post that led you here...
  8. ShadowLords

    Nighthaven PvP — Timeline

    yeah, I don't understand why my Update isn't loading for me either (Crogge get on it!) maybe I should just delete it. I'm no expert in this type of stuff, but 2 years? ya really think? Wow! I was anticipating more like a year tops, I just don't understand why they would announce something that no one was even expecting them to announce so many years off before its even close to being released, even though I would love to see Blizzard give the 'old classic quote they used to give to people whenever they got tired of being asked about a game release date..."it'll be ready when it's ready" :)
  9. ShadowLords

    thoughts of a milk drinker..

    Yeah I don't think you should be criticized or looked down upon for realizing that Vanilla is not for you and realizing that before starting that long grind to 60, heck I even commend you for admitting such a thing to yourself and not fooling yourself into thinking that you actually do like Vanilla, like so many players that are currently playing, are doing, just because it happens to be the flavor of the month to "like Vanilla Wow" right now all due to Blizzard announcing Legacy servers. go do your thing man, and have fun doing it whatever it is, that's all that matters,and don't eve feel the need to come to the forums to explain yourself just because your not following the rest of the crowd or your not really interested in doing that which happens to be getting all the buzz at the moment ,the thing to do because it's The Flavor of The Month...
  10. hmmm...I wonder what you were banned for? was it a legit ban? or are you claiming some sorta tomfoolery, in any event, why should we take you back since it's that other server where you really want to be at?
  11. ShadowLords

    Nighthaven PvP — Timeline

    I'm curious as to where Ony and MC falls into this timeline
  12. ShadowLords

    Nighthaven PvP — Timeline

    What I suspect is that the decision has to do with the recent BIG announcement from Blizzard and that they are anticipating the release of "Official Legacy Servers" within a years time and that that's where everyone's going to be playing and that the Privet server scene will take a HUGE hit ,and that they may actually be motivated, provided of course Blizzard does it right, to just shut down (of course I think Blizz will screw it all up, and not give us Vanilla...but Vanilla with sprinkles) Update: Then I found this:
  13. I made it through like 1/2 of the OP post before getting to the level of....... O.o
  14. ShadowLords


  15. ShadowLords


    I created a new character just yesterday expecting no more than1K/ 1.5K max and being able to quest in relatively peace, and while in the starting areas, I find myself fighting for quest mobs as if this was Elysium all over again when it first launched, and I'm wondering "WTF! why I'm I fighting for quest mobs !?, and why does the starting area seem so dang crowded!? this server is supposed to be practically empty " I do a /who and I'll be damned, there's over 4K+ people on the server, and I'm like O.o what the frack is going on here?