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  1. Undertanker

    Another AV lose fest

    The few minority are right, back door defense is easy. 1-2 mages spamming Rank 1 blizzard at the jump point. 1 hunter with freezing trap / flair on mages. 1 Priest to dispell the mage that is out of range of people below the jump point and a freezing trap on them. 5 people max and that is locked down. This forces them to redirect to pushing bridge but slows the horde push down by more than 5 minutes which is enough time for an effective alli rush since their rush is about 1.5 to 2 minutes slower than hordes. Once Horde give up on back door jump spot and start to push bridge, call for 2 more mages to teleport to base for defense. The screenshot above just depicts a bunch of people not having a clue. Mistake number 1, you have people defending GY in the mid. This means when you do get a PK, they are spawning in front of the people attempting to push, having the life of your already small push team very hard. Let them have mid GY so people that die near your base are rezzing north of the push team. You have 5 rogues at the base. Rogues should split in teams of 2 and duo cap bases and towers. One grabs adds and sprints away and the other cap. These 2 man teams can put a lot of pressure on the opposing team and force some to recall taking stress off the defense team. You have 2 rogues a warrior and a mage attempting to defend backdoor when it was already breached. Seems only 3-5 people are where they should be on the map. TL;DR: You lose because people are retarded. During my grind on my tank I went 29-2 alliance with only about 3 pre-mades. OFC there were people shouting "let them win" at first, but ignore them, give direction to get people where they need to be and have a successful push + defense. Even if you may fail and lose the match you'll get at least 50% of the same people the next game and at that point they'll quit the OMG lose chatter and start to have a little faith in the direction you are leading. By my 3rd match I was just given lead and people spamming "just listen to him we'll win" and even taking it upon themselves to make the calls of when mages should recall or volunteering for backdoor defense.
  2. Undertanker

    The grind LVL'ing

    A mix of questing and grinding is what you want. If a quest is sending you across the world, forget about it. Focus the area you are in, and do the quest there. Typically in the lower level range your quest log will get full pretty quickly. When I go from one zone to another I tend to dump a lot of quest when I reach the next quest hub so I can do as many as possible before returning and get a big jump in exp when turning them all in. Like mentioned above when traveling kill everything on your way. Just don't spam dungeons, it is the worst exp per hour thing you can do. Only do instances when you have 3+ quest available for it. When do you decide to grind, ensure it doesn't do too much damage to you depending on your class. Cloth wearing humanoid are a good choice if you have physical abilities and can interrupt their cast as they have low armor and level first aid while doing so. If you are needing to boost your cooking, grind the appropriate be mobs for your cooking but not just for exp as beast tend to have higher armor / hp. Some beast have high value vendor grays that drop from them that stack. These are good mobs to grind on for a level or 2 if you are in need of gold. That is about it, mix things up because the journey to 60 is a long one.
  3. Undertanker

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    And the effect doesn't have an expiration. If you got the set to proc but killed your current target before they could attack you, the buff stays on you until you do parry another attack. The best moment this has happened for me was twice on Twin Emps. Force Triggered it before pulling boss while building 100 rage on bugs. And then mid fight right before teleport it procced and I had a 100% parry buffed up for when he was to teleport back. For sure limited spike damage during transition.
  4. Undertanker

    Talent tree feedback

    @agresif Take points out of deflection for imp heroic strike, and take 1 point out of imp battle shout for piercing howl.
  5. Undertanker

    Hit cap wrong?

    Because you need 6%?
  6. Undertanker

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    The 8/8 T2 bonus is equivalent to around 2.7% parry average. The calculations somebody put above didn't take into account shield block ability pushing the average % value of your block % throughout a fight. This gives you a pretty solid number to compare when attempting to factor in when to break the set for AQ40 gear. The answer is 2. 2 items from AQ40 - 6/8 T2 - will outperform 8/8 T2. The avoidance will be close but factoring in the crit % gained from the + agility, it comes out on top. See above.
  7. Undertanker

    Talent tree feedback

    Can confirm that blizzard admitted to the incorrect wording on Anger Management. During 1.4 raiding in 2005 while it was still considered a "bug" warriors would blood rage pre-combat and then have a warlock sac, then one more blood rage to keep the warrior in combat and get 100 rage. The tooltip description was never changed in Vanilla but it was "working as intended". @Roxanne Flowers if you are not taking impale you are doing it wrong. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LhhxzhbZVVzmgxoVo
  8. Undertanker

    Looking for a DMC: Blue Dragon Macro

    I would prefer if possible. Thanks.
  9. Undertanker

    Fury leveling

    This man gets it.
  10. TFW UBRS is considered end-game.
  11. As the title suggest, I am searching for a working marco (if possible) that while casting a spell such as HT or Rejuv/Regrowth will check for the DMC: Blue Dragon aura and if the aura is detected then swap to Will or Arlokk, if the aura is not detected then swaps to MH + OH or 2H (depending on what item you have for best +healing). Anybody have any idea of how to write this up? Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  12. Keep the hammer since you are human. Less glancing reduction on OH = more rage.
  13. Undertanker

    Extra Attacks and Rage Generation

    1: Yes. 2: The open source code.
  14. Undertanker

    Anathema Updates 27/09/2017

    Is this relating to UD side DKs?