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  1. fun fact: I have'n seen Blizzard writing ANY kind of post that would have undone their original guide on the 2005 - xxxx WoW guest pass: "Give this code to a friend and BORROW YOUR OWN CD'S FOR HIM SO HE CAN INSTALL WOW AND YOU CAN PLAY TOGETHER FOR 10 DAYS". How's borrowing my CD's different (bitwise) from shareing as torrent?
  2. Stondus

    Too Many Vanilla Veterans!

    From what I've seen here, you can share ppl in a few groups in here. First the Noobs. Everything new, no knowledge before, fail & learn is a normal style to play. Then there's the ppl that have some or a lot of exp on vanilla, who know things, but do still fail some times, and accept "failure is always an option" (tm by MB) as normal play. Then there's the *other* group.... The extreme elitists who do it for being best, expect only the best, and settle only for the best. Those who call noobs noobs, kick you from group 'cause you have wrong enchant on an item, can't buff you classes 60min buff due not having reagents, complain about every wipe etc etc etc. My advice is just ignore the a-holes & have fun. I personally know quite a lot about mage (pref frost mage) in vanilla, but rolled a druid 'cause it's the class i never did in vanilla. And having a blast being a noob with it.
  3. True. But that's not going to happen any time soon, 'cause it would mean they'd openly admit to public that "Hey, We've fucked up on the way we developed the game, Here's Vanilla 'cause newer expansions suck." Think about the shitstorm if vanilla would become more popular then the later version..
  4. Stondus

    TBC server before i start

    https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52889-legacy-crusade-the-journey-doesnt-end-here/ A fast sum-up: Yes, TBC is coming. when/if TBC hits, Anathema chars are getting transfer first. Crestfall PTE will be vanilla first. Questions hanging in air: - There is no date / month / year / century mentioned when TBC is going to hit. - Elysium/Darrowshire not mentioned at all. We *can* assume they will eventually get transfers to TBC, *but* as stated above, everything may change. so it's also possible Anathema is the only server to get transfers. (Yes, i know there says "when your server is ready to proceed to TBC" etc etc etc, but I consider the "please note everything may change" - text a LOT heavier then any other text there) - Benediction (Crestfall core) is being developed, but there's no mention is it ever going to be on existing servers. OR the future TBC. So if you're really a TBC-over-Vanilla - person, the best bet you have, is to roll to Anathema at this point. Still reminding that there really really really reeeeeeally isn't any kind of clue just *when* it's going to happen.
  5. Stondus

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    Actually, from the moment I read the tou - post, I've been waiting for how long does it take someone mentiones the mafia. Took quite long, imo.
  6. I'm not totally sure, but I believe I've seen a GM (Pottu?) written guide that basically said (HEAVILY shortened guide, warning..) something like: 1. Install vanilla & run on default values. Exit game 2. Install Retail, patch ('cuz u have to), run, config to max u want, exit game 3. Profit ...Aand after a bit digging Pottu's posts, here's the part written by GM team: 10. "I want to play with a massive resolution but my WoW client only goes up to X. Can I make it bigger?" Yes you can. Interestingly, retail WoW and vanilla WoW share some Windows registry hooks. The easiest workaround is to install retail WoW, launch it once to set up the resolution that you want (you don't even have to wait for it finish downloading and trial accounts are free) and then launch vanilla WoW - when it asks to reset settings because of a hardware change, decline and your super-duper-amazing 4K resolution will now be working in vanilla WoW. Also these threads are useful: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/22004-some-common-issues-and-how-to-solve-them/ https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/24997-console-finetune-graphical-quality-and-smoothness/ And finally, IF you are NOt one of those "mad-like-Alexensual-for-Nost-Staff-For-abanding-us" - people, the original Nost forums still have shiiiiiiiiiihtloads of excellent guides, if you don't find what you need from Ely's UI & addons - section here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/268-ui-addons-macros/
  7. Frostmage, 55 - 60, Silithus NorthWest corner earth elementals. *lots* of elementals...
  8. Lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTJUMOzx_zE
  9. Stondus

    What's up with Zeth transfers?

    Well, First of all, I suggest you install MangOS on your own computer. Then make 11 accounts on it, with 11 characters, and make them join the same guild. Then reinstall mangos on your pc again, on different folder, and with different SQL database names. Run that server, make another 11 chars & a guild with SAME NAMES as the first time. After that, see how long it takes you to combine the databases without fucking anything up. After you've done that, Multiply the time spent by roughly 1000, and come back telling how "easy" it was. No, I haven't tested my example myself, but have been playing around with MySQL & MariaDB enough to know when to shut up with "what's-so-hard" - questions.
  10. Yes, but would you stalk those you gank if they were to leave area?
  11. As stated in this thread earlier, the part in ToS about Griefing still says THEY have the ultimate power to say what's griefing. OP got a post, 'cause his deeds were. Move on, Nothing to see here.
  12. Stondus

    Help, im banned!

  13. Nope. & still nope. Yes, What OP was doing was allowed, but by doing it on & on & on & on he blurred the legality of his act to fit the "what we consider to be wrong IS wrong" - category.
  14. Nope. As stated somewhere above me, the key words are: 1. "for hours every night" --> Stalk much, eh? 2. "but is not limited to," -> Which is the part you broke. The 2nd one translates as following: "We *really* can't write a huge wall of text to list EVERY last way of griefing, but what ever WE see fits, goes in this category." The fact that you're actually admitting to be camping him due personal hatred towards him, makes your act being against ToS. Not to mention unmature. Or healthy. Or normal. Or agains the spirit of WoW in general. I suggest you to move on like the GM said, or to continue camping him, and risk (100% change after that mail) your account being banned.