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  1. Ourk, this is interesting to hear because I have never heard of any program making players unable to be targeted. If you have any evidence of this or know any more details regarding this, feel free to PM me. Until then, that is unconfirmed, because no one on staff has encountered any exploit such as this.
  2. One step ahead of you :)
  3. Attempting to extort/blackmail players is against our rules so you can feel free to report him in game. Any time a player believes that someone is breaking the rules, they should immediately create an ingame ticket.
  4. Hamblin

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Just a reminder, keep conversation civil here :) if you disagree with someone here feel free to explain logically why you feel their viewpoint is invalid. This thread exists for open dialogue based on community opinions, so I'd appreciate if everyone continues to act in a civil manner.
  5. Hamblin

    Timezone used for lifting bans ?

    Every ban and unban is based on server time, as Mr. Josipbroz posted above. Please note that a ban may occur at 23:00 and that unbans can also occur at 23:00 on any given day.
  6. I understand the point you are making here and will refer this thread to the lead staff. I think if something like this is so readily available and even advertised on our own forum, it is sort of sucky to realise automation like this is against the rules. I think the issue here is two pronged. You can use aux without using any sort of automation at all. Which is fine. But any autobuy feature is a definite no no and you will get caught. It is pretty obvious when investigating and we don't have much trouble identifying it. So aux in itself is not against the rules, but a function on it is. I believe this should be viewed no different than a multihack that had some features that are completely okay, but some that will end up with your account being permanent banned.
  7. Hamblin

    Banned from chat

    Feel free to make an in game ticket regarding this.
  8. Autobuy is no different than botting, and is detected the same exact way. I think this all comes down to how it is indistuinishable from actual botters, and because of this the rule that any form of automation is sanctionable exists. We've left this thread open because we encourage open dialogue about things that players believe should be changed, but I can definitely tell you that this is something that will not be considered for changing. We have caught plenty of players using functions like autobuy extremely maliciously, which is why we will never change this rule.
  9. Hamblin

    2FA for dummies

    Hey thanks for this thread, as a matter of fact, because of this, I will look into getting a detailed step by step guide with pictures included of everything you need to know about 2FA.
  10. Hello, roofs are really tricky when it comes to safe spotting. I can't give you a 100% answer without seeing videos or screenshots of how this went down, but I believe our stated rule is pretty straightforward. If it is a roof that is easily accessible, it is not considered safe spotting. If the only way to get up is wall climbing or complicated jumping (landing a number of very specific jumps that can be difficult to accomplish), that could be considered safe spotting. For example, the farm roof in AB is easily accessible, and not considered safe spotting. But other roofs in AB are. In this specific situation, more information is needed. There are multiple roofs that both easy and difficult to access in Darkshire. This would be the main qualifier if this was considered safe spotting or not.
  11. Hamblin

    Found a pair of botters

    As Pottu said in the previous post, this is not really necessary because the GM team follows up on bot reports with an independent investigation. When filling out the ticket, it is also helpful to include the things that stood out to make you think they were botting.
  12. You were not banned because you ran wow on an old computer. Just submit your appeal and be patient.
  13. Hamblin

    My WoW account has been closed

    Could be that your account was temporarily locked for entering incorrect pin/pass too many times. Otherwise, make a ban appeal.
  14. Don't be surprised if you get banned, this is considered automation. But you are right that it is difficult to police. Typically the only times this is pursued is when used also with an anti AFK/idle, which is really the only time players get banned for this.
  15. Hamblin

    Azuregos Bug abuse

    The changes that we make that aren't blizzlike are due to inflated populations that a vanilla server never had to handle. Changes like herb spawnrates are increased because the amount of herbs available vs the amount of players was an unsustainable amount and in the end made the server feel not blizzlike. Just because we make changes that we feel give players a more realistic, blizzlike experience despite having a larger population does not mean we just pick and choose when to be blizzlike when we like to. This is something that was a feature in vanilla wow, and will continue to be a feature here.