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  1. But then he might not have as many people to ninja lo... I mean raid with. Let this post be a warning to be cautious of this shit especially among officers.
  2. Well Pre, you will get along just great with Skankunt as you are both just as fair with loot.
  3. This thread is NOT to bash Loot Council as it can be the best system if done right, but it's our duty to warn our fellow players about a corrupt one as soon as we know about it.
  4. I swear that guy is like a rancid onion. Every rotten lair you peel away you find an even more rotten one underneath. I had NO IDEA he said this about loot to you as I was never once told about this. Also for those of you that don't know who Milkabull is, he's the raid leader that Skankunt forced out of his position by constantly slinging mud at him. I blame myself for not removing him sooner as I made the mistake of trusting Skank's word. Well it's actually more like 30-35 wasting their time as he will gear up his buddies as well, but your point still stands.
  5. The guild leader of <Entropy> was once an officer of <Against All Odds> and he is a toxic person that will be extremely likely to run a corrupt loot council. When he was raid leader of <Against All Odds> he always reserved stuff from guildies, made up lies about people that he didn't like, and had his clique constantly cause drama. He also tried to get his buddy some items for no DKP charge when we had set prices with our system. He does not care about a community, only to seize power.
  6. Garun

    Alternative to defense cap?

    First off, being at defense cap does NOT make you uncrushable. It will only make you uncrittable. Second, I don't think it's even possible to get the avoidance to be passively uncrushable in vanilla.
  7. Is IF still worth farming for nowadays over Quel?
  8. It wouldn't be so bad if only a few of the games were against premades, but it happens WAY TOO OFTEN on horde side. The next time you have a long BG queue, you can thank the premades for scaring off the horde pugs.
  9. Keep in mind that you also had an unfair advantage over Elysium which is easy access to mats compared to Elysium.
  10. Yea, if you want to run a dungeon when leveling, you can if you can wait a little while to form a group and walk to the instance. At cap, there are some instances that you will have trouble getting certain roles for due to it not dropping anything good for said role (good luck getting a tank for LBRS without having to reserve gems for him/her), but a decent guild will help you with that. Edit: I'm not kidding about the Vietnam part as I literally have to park my 60 nearby when I'm leveling my mage in STV when the Alliance decides to be assholes (which happens a lot).
  11. The only zones that have more than the occasional asshat ganker are Stranglethorn Vale (aka Vietnam), Searing Gorge, and Burning Steeps. It's optimal for faster leveling to mostly quest and grind mobs on the way while doing the dungeon quests (keep in mind that these are scattered around the world and not at the beginning of the instance), but you can find a dungeon group for most leveling dungeons on the Elysium server in about 20 to 30 minutes (depending how long it takes to get a tank and healer). You will also have to walk to the instance which takes up to 15 minutes for everyone to get there, and the instances are typically between 45 minutes to 2 hours long depending on how good your group is and what you are running.
  12. Garun

    Looking to roll on Elysium, i play what u need

    The tanks part is true until raids where it's the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.
  13. Garun

    Is There a DPS need?

    It is still possible to get a raid spot as a tank, though you won't get it handed to you like a caster dps or healer spot. The best way to get a set tank spot (as in prot warrior and not fury with a tank OS) is to join a guild that is in the pre-raid gearing phase and showing the leadership why they should pick you as a set tank over this other guy. You do this by proving that you know more about tanking than the other guys, being active by tanking stuff for guildies, and helping the guild out in general. Just make sure you aren't a douche about it and you are good to go for that tank spot. Hell, if you do this well enough, you can end up as MT (if the GM or an officer doesn't already have that filled, but even then you still get a set tank spot).
  14. Garun

    Warrior Taunt

    It's either a bug or someone putting up another high priority debuff when your taunt is on the boss if it goes for the previous target while it's up. However, the way taunt works (or should work in vanilla) is that it puts you at equal to the current aggro holder and causes the mob to fixate on you for the debuff duration, but you must exceed 110% of the previous target's threat to keep aggro when the debuff wears off. I ran into the same issue on Golemag as we did the 2 tank on boss strat as well.
  15. Garun

    Is There a DPS need?

    Generally in guilds, caster dps and healers are in more demand for raids (sometimes it's casters, sometimes it's healers), but they are always in more demand (except for a few rare cases) than melee and tanks. In demand: Caster DPS = Healer > Melee DPS / Hunter > Tank