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  1. cos salvation, kings, and might means more competitive in 2017, anyways it's at least true alliance has more guilds that compete with each other but all of their realm-players have an easy boost with paladins and the amount of rank 14. From a challenge perspective I would roll horde rather than being one of those flavor of the month players.
  2. TTL

    Another AV lose fest

    Players also cry about the "shortcut" which actually takes longer than going across the bridge. People whine regardless if they're right or not.
  3. TTL

    This guy is a beast

    Modifying game files is against the rules, stop being a clown.
  4. TTL


    Players didn't know the ins and outs of the rank system like they do today, and those that did are very marginal compared to today. To sit here and say the way people play today mirrors 04-06 seems to be the only ignorant statement here. Most of the premades that were formed back on my retail server were done for enjoyment and to play with friends, which you see little of today because everyone is obsessed with efficiency in a 13 year old game and only care about it for ranking. I also don't see how random matches define as "retard" sounds like another ignorant statement but who is surprised? Being steamrolled by premades in 2 minutes may be defined just as much so by others. I'm all for premade vs. premade and it being still efficient for honor if they wish to make changes, nothing unreasonable about that. Also may be some irony complaining about a in-game mafia.
  5. You don't need proof here, you just need to use your head or maybe what people call common sense. The guy was in the guild for nearly 3-4 months according to realmplayers, yet he loots a trinket that any reasonable guild would prior to a mage or warlock then leaves the guild right away. It's quite obvious what happened here, if you want to hold your argument then please invite the player to your guild based on your views. Nonetheless it was the guilds fault for using FFA (naive if so) or trusting a ranker with master looter. If there is anyone with some selfish ambitions in a guild, it's probably gonna be a ranker, might as well be safe than sorry :)
  6. TTL


    This is why the queues should be mixed up with a timed delay, and not pop instantly as 10 or 15 on both sides queue up. Then you'll have several premade teams with each other and the organization will be gone. Perhaps they'll play in the same discord and talk over each other in 5 different games. The only advantage a premade has is the people they choose to have inside it, and their organization (reacting). Without that they might as well just relax and queue alone.
  7. TTL


    Please do, the amount of players who "naturally" form a premade on horde vs. alliance is quite disparaging when all the tryhard kids rolled Alliance.
  8. TTL


    Quit crying and quit. Even back then the game wasn't played like it is today and is completely used for maximum honor efficiency. There is nothing special about steam rolling in a premade simply for honor gains. Those who are steamrolling games for honor only care about rank 14 and using their overwhelming advantage to club over the heads of casuals or those less organized for server control. As you see, when you prevent the basement dwellers from having server control they are the ones to whine and cry because they don't want to compete on a fair level with everyone else. Get over it, no one has any sympathy for you. I'm all for premade vs. premades with extremely high honor increases to make it worth it, but then again I'm sure you're not interested in competition. Can't wait for Arena, weed out the big talkers.
  9. I'm sure it's a one time thing, meaning you won't be able to transfer at a later point and do as you suggested. If so I'm sure they will remove all gold/resources to characters before transferring and only allow soulbound items on unique characters to be transferred.
  10. TTL

    Bigdealbone Fwar

  11. TTL


    It's about setting an example, if you allow this then you might as well allow a hunter to pull the last boss in LBRS and cut 2 hours out of a run.
  12. TTL


    https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/45957-pulling-the-emperor-only-in-brd/ Eat crow much? Might want to actually comprehend before you post garbage. The BRD mobs being linked to the emperor is much different than split pulling non-event related mobs, yes this is common sense to people with a decent IQ.
  13. TTL


    Subjective to someone with a bias I would agree. Anyone with common sense would realize that a mob that is programmed to run to the end of the instance once you open a gate shouldn't be pulled by a pet. Anyone with commons ense would realize that mobs linked to the BRD emp shouldn't be split pulled with FD or Vanish. Exploits are obvious, you only call it a strategy when you're looking for an excuse to justify bad behavior.
  14. TTL


    I haven't played much to actually find out in depth, but last night I did a few games who had some premaders in them and they were far more enjoyable and less faceroll. Most premaders are absolute garbage players but they have many advantages in a full premade team so it becomes unfun quickly as I'm looking for a fair fight, and they simply want to take advantage of the token/fast honor gains from a steamroll.
  15. TTL


    They are technically not doing anything wrong, but as someone who loves to PvP but doesn't have the time to resort to making premading a full time job with organization etc. I prefer to just solo Q or join with a couple friends. Being steamrolled by organized premades with 2x the health because most of them are already rank 11-13 is absolutely silly, then to watch those players that naturally give up get banned is even more dogshit on top of the situation. I'm glad the change happened personally, but again I'm also not taking advantage of the system to earn the same amount of honor a solo Q player would earn in 1/2 the time. I'm fine with prem on prem games, but obviously they would have to give that incentive to them again to make it worthwhile.