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  1. This problem has persisted for long enough, I have tried everything I could think of. I have tried updating my google chrome, use incognito, Microsoft edge, I asked on the official twitter and discord, and I even used my brothers PC (he could sign in before I tried now he can't) and now it seems my problem has morphed. When I used to try to log into the control panel the page would refresh after I put in all my info, but now after I do ReCaptcha the log in button doesn't work, it works before I completed the ReCaptcha, it would tell me "Error, the verification code is incorrect". I think this has something to do with my authenticator, its a bug or something related to it.
  2. Confusing_Zark

    Restoring 2017 Characters!

    Yes is there anything we have to do to get back our old chars? My brother and I would love to get back our mains.
  3. Confusing_Zark

    Character Restore

    Thank you both for your quick replies.
  4. Confusing_Zark

    Character Restore

    That is what I thought, I guess I was being trolled in General chat then, Is there any way to play my old characters?
  5. Confusing_Zark

    Character Restore

    I am trying to restore my characters to Nighthaven, however, I am not having any success. I did get to play on them briefly on the now discontinued Stratholme server I really would love the help thanks in advance.
  6. Confusing_Zark

    Warrior vs range

    Hello I am having a bit of frustration with my class. I rolled on a pvp server thinking it would be fun running into horde and fighting them on sight ( i still think it is), however it dawnd on me I can't really deal with ranged attacks. Getting slowed and rooted is my problem. Most of the time they hit me before I can charge so I have to pop blood rage and use interceept I follow up with hamstring but somehow they always manage to get out of my range either I miss/dodge or they parry and I always end up getting slowed and kited. I like to think I am a decent pvper and I am wondering if there is any tips someone could willing to tell me? Thanks in advance. My warrior lvl 35 Dwarf 2H fury
  7. Confusing_Zark

    trying to get a brother into this

    this will help his email problem?
  8. Confusing_Zark

    trying to get a brother into this

    my brother just downloaded the game and he made is account but he is not receiving his verification email please help.
  9. Confusing_Zark

    Immediate disconnect

    What if you are playing on the Elysium server? Do I still switch the realm name with Anathema?
  10. Confusing_Zark

    frequent disconnects

    I am new to the server and everything was working fine Sunday and earlier today where I could go afk for 10 minutes or so without getting disconnected. But now I gett discontented with in a few minutes of not moving and in the middle of combat. Edit: Now I am unable to log in I get disconnected immediately after signing in. ( was worried my account was compromised so I got the two step authenticater and that's when the change happened).