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  1. Well, you could be right, but it's the reason I think it's now the time to merge all pvp servers togheter and reunite all the private vanilla players like it was on Nostalrius. Back in that time, the population wasn't decreasing, it was growing until it shut down. Now, it is obvious that anathema will die exactly like Kronos 1 did because all new players will logically choose the fresher server and highest populated, which is Elysium. On anathema, we lose core players on a weekly basis. In my guild only, we had more than 40 guildies who wanted to join the MC night like 3 to 4 weeks ago. Now this week, we had to cancel it because there was only 25 guildies that wanted to join, and there was another group LFM and pugging for MC which basically took all the players who wanted to pug it. So we had to go to a 20 players raid instead which was really sad. It then happened again for BWL. And we couldnt fill up the post with pugs even it was the day it reset (so more players was available for it). Guilds are disbanding or getting eaten weekly, almost daily. Specially the NA ones. A new influx of players is really needed. But it will not happen unless we all merge into 1. Take off my gears that came after the patch Elysium pvp currently is, I won't care at all. I just wanna play into a large and healthy population and make the raid happens.
  2. Black Lotus farming maybe?
  3. Well, the most simple and viable option would just merge all 3 pvp servers as one. Like the former nostalrius server. Only Elysium as now a healthy population. Anathema is really dying specially during NA evening/night time. A mandatory transfer to Anathema would had been the best option in my opinion. Why sending most active players to the most populated server. it doesnt make sense to me. The timeline shouldnt be a factor for it.
  4. Is Ossirian the Unscarred from AQ20 still bug? He is nearly impossible to take down if he doesnt lose his enrage from the crystals... It should be top priority on your fix to-do list.
  5. hakoon

    Future of Elysium

    I dont think the lack of new contents is the major point where the population is decreasing so fast. During Nostalrius era, it was exactly the opposite that happened. Its started slowly, we were about 2,8k pops to 3,2k at NA evening/nights during the first month of the server life. Then it just increased to a level where it was almost impossible to play before thy shut down. Which was 12k pops online. It lasted almost 2 years with no new content other than DM and BWL. Still, the population kept growing and growing because it was THE ONLY REALM. Now that there is 4 realms, that some TBC recently released, it is totally normal that the population faded to a very disturbing low... Add it to the fact that there was drama, a almost 3 days shut down of Anathema (which never happened during Nost era) and you get all the ingredient for a short-lived server... The true remedy to this is a harsh merge of all 3 pvp servers ASAP. Who cares if Anathema is at the war effort, AQ wont go live before 1 month or 2. There is no point for Elysium/Zek players to farm MC and ZG for months and months still. You already see their pops decreasing at dangerous rate. And if the team would promise something like nost did (an incoming TBC server with the possibility of our vanilla character to be copied there) people would keep joining. They already doomed the realm when they decided to split the population THAT MUCH and to state that there will be no TBC content EVER. At least, if they would add things not really blizzlike but that would keep the people interested, such as ranked arena, an exclusive randomized generated dungeon/raid etc that would keep people interest. But we are dumb, we want a totally blizzlike server to get bored in a few months so we move on to the newest hot wow private server. /shrug Edit : And just as personnal fact, I slowed down playing ALOT on anathema, and it wasnt because I was getting bored. but the population fast decrease hit me hard as I got worried about the fact that maybe, i was tryharding and grinding (and spending alot of time) for nothing because the server will be as dead as Zek in a matter of weeks. Therefore, i just decided to login during our raid times. I minimize the wasted time. It's a bit sad, but it's true. It's another reason why some very dedicated and passionate player might stop playing on Anathema or Zek.
  6. hakoon

    The Zeth'Kur problem

    o basically ZK has more people than any other private vanilla server, more than merged kronos, but you want free transfers from casual server? Instead of making countless posts about merge you could leave ZK and play on more populated one. Do you really think everyone on ZK prefers overpopulated server or people from Ely want this merge? 7.9k peak on sunday is fine for Elysium, also server capped at 8,5k, why the fuck people from Ely supposed to sit in queue again? Edited 24 minutes ago by Uglyaf thats the reason the most obvious move since the lowest pops servers are anathema and ZK that a merge between both is the only long term solution. The fact that they arent same patch is not a valid argument imo. It is crucial for Anathema to get those new players. Most old timers are gone or are only logging twice or 3 times a week for raiding. There is almost no progressive guilds and those who exists, are losing fresh 60s on a weekly basis, without any reasons others than the regular downtimes that happened in the last 2 or 3 weeks. Anathema population is the one that got the most decrease of pop in the last month with ZK ofc. At NA night time we were easily 4k a month ago and now we strugging to get 2,3k.. getting those 700 to 1k from ZK would be only positive. ZK in Ely wont even be noticeable.
  7. yes you could be right here. Kronos was unable to support more than 5k population when they had all the influx of nost refugees, which is why they had to release a 2nd server. In all case, we will see. if anathema population remains over 2,5k, it wont be much of an issue. but if it becomes like zekhur, specially during NA times, i wont see any reason to keep playing. I have no interest in playing that game on solo mode.
  8. You are probably right about the choice they would make. But when you start that kind of project, you have to think ahead and plan your decisions accordingly. If you are short sighted, you are heading to a fail most likely. But anyways, debating this is pointless imo. We all see right now the state of the whole Elysium realms. Tell me now I'm wrong. All realms but Elysium servers will be ghost realms. Exactly like what happened to K1. And guess what? they merged K1 and K2 a few weeks ago because they couldnt do it before exactly because both servers werent ''same patch''. but it is too late, they let it die for too long. I play on anathema and I have to say I'm now worried. I play there because i had characters on old nostalrius. But if I knew or planned it would get to the current situation, I for sure would had started new on Elysium, just because it's always better to play on realms with high population for obvious reasons. (fun and filled BGs, lively world pvp, no waiting time for forming dungeon groups, cheaper economy, etc).
  9. You are wrong here. If you release a new server that is at patch 1.8 for example, all players starting there will still be fresh characters and all start with the starting gears. Nobody sane of mind will say ''oh they dont start at 1.0 we are not gonna play here''. They just want to start at the same time as everybody else with no Grand Marshall players running around with thunderfury, in all epic gears with 10k golds in their pockets. Having set all the reams to the same patch lvl, it gives a some margin to the Staff to merge servers togheter IF needed. letting anathema die just because it is on different timeline is disrespect to the whole anathema population and completely dumb. Also, you seem to have short memories. When anathema released there was tons of new players because there was NO OTHER realm available Back during Nost time, it was the only good server along with Kronos, and the population was increasing at a regular level. EVEN IF it was 1+ year old server there was always new players joining after hearing or reading about it. Gives 1 good quality vanilla server and there will never be any population issue unless Staff suicide it by making a huge mistake (increasing xp rate or opening real money shop). or by pulling the plug to the server themself like Nostalrius staff did.
  10. that is completely false. At the end, on Nostalrius, there were peaks of 12k+ players. Just look at now, we have 3,6k on Anathema, 6,2k on Elysium and 1,5k on Zek = 11.3k population right now. That kind of server can handle it now. Releasing servers with different patches was a big mistake on Kronos, and it is also a big mistake on Elysium. They should had known like everybody else that population would drops of about if not more 50% of the peak during the hype. So 3 different servers would had not been needed forever. That was good to fix a temporary population issues. Now that the non dedicated players left, we will soon have 3 low populations servers and 1 having a mid to high population. New players will automaticaly join the server with the highest pop (Elysium). Yes, merging Zek to Elysium makes total sense. But what happens with Anathema? (Cant merge because different patch and economy). That's serious bullshit. Merging Anathema to Zek or to Elysium will just modify the economy, yes, but the whole server will just adapt to it, like any normal economy towards a new situation. population with stability is the number 1 criteria when it comes to a MMORPG. Without population, it's no more a MMORPG ; there is no more economy ; no more world pvp ; no more GG, no more people to group with to run dungeons and raids. In other words, even tho they are on 2 different patchs, Zekhur should and must merge with anathema. Then in 3 or 4 months, anathema will have to merge into Elysium in order to keep a healthy population. Otherwise people will leave. And before ending my post, there is something very unormal on this server. I mean, on former nostalrius, before the huge hype and everything. the population server grew up at a steady pace to reach 12k+ online, 9k maybe during NA nights. That's mean it was only going up. Now, it's going down at a regular pace, and the slide is even more significant on anathema after the serious of huge downtime that occured during the last few weeks (specially when it went down for 48 hours). At NA nights, we lost over 1k pop online all of a sudden. All the important instances are now released on all servers. AQ will never open on Anathema the way the war effort goes. Population decreased by so much that the goals the Staff implemented are now out of reach. Give Elysium and Zekhur a solid 2 months of gameplay under that new patch. speed up the remaining ones up to 1.8, and merge all 3 pvp servers under one. It is needed.
  11. If we cannot have any kind of security against those rats, this will indeed increase. Don't tell me they cant see it. There are damn logs! I'm not a specialist, but they should be able to see logs and items you received imo. That's pathetic from both that player AND Elysium staff. I rarely whine or complain about the staff, overall they do a great job, but on this, they better follow better security measure against thieves. I'm about to get the Lionheart helm crafted. So, should I now worry because the crafting market became a damn free for all? I'm disgusted about it. Edit: BTW, I would open a new ticket in hope a better GM than the one who answered you will look into it. There are lazier GMs than others I guess....
  12. Damn that sux. Just noticed this morning the ''Equip: Improves your chance to hit by 1%.'' from that item was removed. I deleted my WDB file just to make sure and yup, it's now gone. I guess Elysium staff fixed a bunch of items that were wrongly upgraded prior to the right patch version... this is probably a 1.10 upgrade, not 1.09. I wish all items would be at 1.10 already....
  13. Thank you very much for the update. Hopefully OVH will do their part and send you what you need so we can play once more on Anathema by tomorrow.
  14. hakoon

    Reports afk in bg

    it never been bannable or illegal on retail as far as I remember. As long as you dont use a bot or any software to make your character not getting /afk kicked from the BG, i see no issue. it does sux for the team, but if the player just want to move his character once in a while every 5 minutes to not get the afk status that kick him out of BG, it's his own business. This is not an exploit, not a hack, not botting, not multiboxing, not using any savespots for getting an advantages over others players, etc. It is just a selfish way to gain reputations/honors, and is indeed detrimental to the whole team. but, remember one thing, unless you face a premade, the other faction's team will also have its share of rep/honor leechers which then mean that you are fighting each others at the same level. On another note, should we also report the flower pickers that goes to AV even during the AV weekends just to gather dreamfoils, silversages, black lotus if lucky enough, etc? They do not participate to the BG goal which is to defeat the opposite faction. And there is a lot of those guys running around in AV 24/24 hrs.