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  1. xrononautis

    Mailbox bug after server merge

    Same problem here. The mails to a specific character under the same account don't get through..
  2. xrononautis

    Vanilla / Nighthaven - Mail not getting through

    I got the same problem. Sending mail between characters under the same account but the mails to a specific character don't go through..
  3. xrononautis

    Leveling after 1.4

    The real thing here is that players who like pvp have their server. What about the players who don't like pvp and are here just for pve? Where is the pve server? Is there a pve server coming or something. This is cancer right now and yes in your perspective is a pvp server but to my perspective and many others this is the only server.
  4. My first post in those forums due to the fear of mindless down voters who like to take out their anger here in the forums. Guys I agree with XreaperDK. Lets keep the communication instead of putting everything in auto pilot. Blizzard probably implemented that kind of functions due to the 15years old kids who were playing the game without having proper communication skills. Here we are a different kind of society I hope. And I am saying "I hope" because I saw something that I didn't liked before in the first two pages of this subforum. One guy had a noob question (It didn't sounded noob to me but lets say that it sounded noob to others) I don't understand why we should attack on sight.. So ppl were really rude on the guy and this is not the kind of answers I want to read when a read the whole comments section. Only XreaperDK put the things like they should be and did the proper think. Answering and explaining!! Lets keep our strength for the battlegrounds guys. Here is a forum and in forums we exchange ideas. Anyway as said there is an addon which functions pretty well for this purpose and therefore we can lift the weight for the developers. I keep the main reason for the post for the end. I only miss one thing from the game after Vanilla. Guild banks. I think that it adds a lot in functionality and socializing for the guild. No need to tell the mess with the guild characters... I would like to see ppls thoughs about it. Do you like it? To the developers: Is it possible? Thank you for listening me