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  1. Want to duel on stream? I'd love to embarrass you in front of your ~5 viewers.
  2. But you still have to be Spanish?
  3. Nice work... Now can someone PLEASE fix the fucking melee leeway mechanic?
  4. Sorry for the delay, the post should be updated to reflect the new additions. Please let me know if anything is incorrect/missing and I will update at my earliest convenience. Thanks!
  5. Kurupt

    Financial Report: February '17

    Donated $10 towards Elysium, keep up the good work!
  6. There are "only" 9k online out of a 12k cap becasue there are 3k people AFK at the character select screen. The queues have been horrible since launch, you probably got lucky logging in after a reset and avoided the queue. Average queue time is probably 8-10k, even as a NA West Coast player I have to log in about 4 hours before I actually play.. EU have it much worse and often wait upwards of 8 hours.
  7. I have no interest in supporting the filthy Horde!! In all seriousness, I started this when there was only a handful of Alliance guilds advertising and I kept seeing countless Horde guild recruitment posts. Thought I would even the odds a bit ;)
  8. Kurupt

    How +Spell Damage is Calculated

    Duki, you're a god among men. We are not worthy.
  9. Kurupt

    CLOSED <Hurricane> is leaving Elysium

    What's the raid schedule? I'm struggling to find a late night (8pm+ PST) raid guild myself, even after compiling the master list.