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    Lost acces to E-mail.

    So what you saying is that you can't help me at all? :/
  2. temp

    Lost acces to E-mail.

    Greetings staff. Honestly i have no idea where to start, and also if there is a chance for me to get some aid in my matter. Long story short, I created the guild <DANES> http://danes.shivtr.com/ on elysium, and went all in on the project. Running a complete danish guild turned out to be harder than i could imagine. I decided to take a break from the game, as I got rather burned out. However, I have now regained my desire to play on Elysium, which brings me to my 2nd matter. I cant acces the e-mail that is connected to my account. I understand that everyone can come with these claims. And i also understand its my responsibility to keep my account secured, but I really hope you can make a exception in this case, as I have plenty of evidence that I am the original owner of the account. I hope you will look into this, as I really want to play with my friends once again and enjoy the content you guys provide. Information: Account name: Livejasmin Char name: Temp Mail:[email protected] Danes recruitment post:https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/23096-h1010-11pvepvp-is-recruiting-dansk-gaming-community/?tab=comments#comment-242328 As you can see, I am writing from the same forum account as back then. Screenshoots: Looted IRON FOE at level 54 i belive i was one of the first once to obtain it: I can provide you with scan of passport, some video's also where i do MC in DANES. Thanks in advance for taking your time and look into it.