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  1. The Elysium Project is proud to announce that today marks our official return to the Reddit platform in a renewed effort to connect with, and provide a voice for, our community and expand our presence. As of this announcement, the legacy Elysium subreddit will be redirected to this new community. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and look forward to a bright and positive future going forward:
  2. Pussy alliance

    You want a direct access to the Database or what? What else? Car keys?
  3. About Rain and Frog

    Jesus Christ... okay, here's The Truth. Recently stepped down from position as CM of Elysium, after being being caught by the lead GM sharing ticket contents with my guild mates, and using teleports on my GM character. The population is being fake to encourage people to play, which is hard to believe given the constant stream of complaints about ganking to due to overpopulation, but SIL is powerful and does not tolerate players having fun. Gold farming methods are being nerfed therefore making people hesitant to buy gold that is generated on GM accounts and then sneakily sold in game by spamming users enough that they want to quit. Mysterious anticheat developer talks a good game about anti-spam measures, but you haven't seen the Ferarri he bought with December's profits alone. There is a also a lot of favoritism inside the staff, ie. Zeox's favorite is Kalya, (although Shelby thinks he is — you think you've seen drama before, just wait), or letting guilds know the world boss timers, giving gold to certain rankers so the can freely farm honor without worrying about gold income because farming honor costs so much. What I find especially annoying is that the moment they discovered this, the lead GM called me on it and canned me, even though Zeox's choice of Kayla and Shelby instead of Rain wasn't my fault. This is just the tip of the ice berg but I do not want to stir unnecessary drama, just felt like I had to get this off my chest, so I'll spare you details like Crogge and Whitekidney are the same person, and that Ash is the lovechild of Flame and Nalfein. Note too, that Gronk has fallen out of character since this came out. There's clearly more to the story. I won't even get into the QA team's ERP and the money they're making by tying it to their Pronhub channel. P.S. The story that Shenna flew to Montenegro with Crogge is a lie. She actually flew to the USA to meet Staysafe and is currently playing legion with him right now. Furthermore, Crogge approves of this because he was simultaneously visiting Rain, and now plays Pokemon Go with him 4 days a week, which is why you don't see either of them here as often. Elysium Server, Best Server, Join Today! Credits for drugs go to Fulzamoth.
  4. We are looking for a skilled C++ developer to join the team. This role will grow to assume leadership of the Elysium Project's development activities, with responsibility for: — Code development and advancing of the server core and scripts — Database management — Troubleshooting and bug repair — Management of the developer team and the software development process As part of the lead team, the position will be expected to drive the project forward to consistently improve the game for players. While not a full-time job, the role is demanding, and will require more than just a casual commitment to the project. Depending on performance and time commited, the position will be entitled to a monthly salary (to be discussed) once our new Elysium Game Shop is up and running. Interested in applying? Email: [email protected] Please include your Discord tag in the email so we can reach you directly.
  5. The Orc V's Human PvP server event

    Thanks, that's a very nice video :) Some of my screenshots:
  6. PvP Event: Orcs & Humans!

    Our next PvP event is scheduled to take place on January 22, 20:00 PM (Server time). The event is a tribute Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (first released 24 years ago), and will be a PvP battle restricted to low-level characters. It is open to all players who wish to to take part. It is time to build that level 1 twink you have always wanted to! Players are invited to travel back in time to the First War of Orcs & Humans. At some point during the day of the event, NPCs will be appear in the Orc and Human starting zones to teleport characters through time to an unknown place in Azeroth where they will join the battle against the opposing faction. Be aware that the portals are built on the dark magic of Medivh and the Shadow Council and are unstable. The faction leaders will only risk characters level 4 and younger. They fear the stresses of time travel will kill higher level heroes. Want to participate? 1. Roll a new character, Orc or Human, and keep them to Level 4 or less. 2. On the day of the event, search your starting zone for the new NPC. 3. Speak to this NPC and decide if you'll answer the call to battle. 4. Slaughter the enemy!
  7. Timeline progression is too fast!

    We really enjoy watching you struggle, for our own entertainment purposes we have decided... According to this poll, we can announce that patch 1.5 will be delayed by a month. I am joking. On a serious note: 621 votes aren't enough yet. We're watching the poll and might consider to slow down the timeline. More time is needed.
  8. Dear players, Three months have passed since the launch of Nighthaven. We are glad to see how much our community has grown on the server, and how well the project is doing. Once again we want to thank you, the Nighthaven community, who have been with us since November. We hope you've been enjoying the chaos and look forward to our next patch which includes the long awaited... Battlegrounds! We wish you happy adventures, and long may it continue.
  9. Tensions high, restrictions low

    We've read and enjoyed your post from the beginning to the very end. @Aeonis Keep it up!
  10. World PvP

    That's how it was back in 2004 — Azeroth isn't really friendly and cozy, leveling is kinda hard without Questie and proper online Databases, the opposite faction doesn't like your red nickname and yes, sometimes NPCs get killed and you have to wait or figure out something else to do. Patch 1.5 is releasing in February, not much time left tho.
  11. Nighthaven PvP Currently on Patch 1.4, Call for War. Important: Please make sure to clean your WDB folder in order to allow some updates to be displayed correctly by your WoW client. General Increased default aggro radius. Player corpses will no longer move after a player dies. Corpses should now fall to the ground, instead of hovering. Rapid Cast buff from Savory Deviate Delight now grants 10% haste. Devilsaur Armor now requires Tribal Leatherworking to craft. There should no longer be invincible sheep after a mob is polymorphed and then mind controlled. World boss Azuregos will no longer unstealth stealthed players for no reason. Players can no longer be summoned on mounts in "non-mount" areas (like BRD). Corrected weapon damage while shapeshifted. Horde Field Duty event: Prevent timer reset when boss despawns. Racial Leaders honor reward has been corrected. Guilds There is no longer a 986 member limit in a guild! The notes function for guilds will soon be available after we release a special addon. Classes Druid Rake will now scale with attack power. Travel Form is now forbidden in Booty Bay. Shaman Ghost Wolf is now forbidden in Booty Bay. Mages Arcane Concentration (Clearcasting) now procs only on damaging spells. Ice Blocked delay has been removed. Quests IN DREAMS IS NO LONGER BROKEN! Back to Booty Bay now requires level 36. Goblin Sponsorship now requires level 29. Global problem for all escorts has been fixed. NPCs Lowered spawn rate of Razormane Pathfinder. Stitches will no longer spam his yells. Creatures can no longer interact with the player while in combat. Items Mind Carver will now increase spell power by 12 instead of 7. Elixir of Poison Resistance now has a 3 second cooldown. Dungeons Dire Maul Removed custom teleport ability from King Gordok. Kazzak Kazzak is no longer heals from temp summons or naked characters.
  12. World PvP

  13. I found Mankrik's Wife

    I personally think she's too dead even for the Undead.
  14. Turn off Autheticator

    You have to do it in Light's Hope control panel, not on Elysium.