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  1. Gehere

    Future of Elysium

    Making fun of a great guy...? What a dick move. Disgusting. He has probably done more for this community, than your "Staff" ever will. And for the record - @Pottuisn't Russian.
  2. Gehere

    Seasoned Wolf Kabobs Quest

    Next time, just abandon the quest and retake it.
  3. Gehere

    Is there a level req. on lockboxes?

    They may appear unlocked, but they actually aren't. The Rogue need to open them, in his inventory. They thought they fixed the bug, but they didn't.
  4. Gehere

    Vanilla Map with no fog?

  5. Gehere


    Nerfing instances was a smart move. Not adjusting spawn rates is another smart move. Watching the resource prices rise - is a master plan, becoming a reality. To buy, you need gold. To get gold you need to farm. Low farming options = low income. So you buy gold.
  6. Gehere

    Shenna's Resignation

    Hahahahah...! I second this. ^^
  7. Gehere

    Elysium future plans

    Considering the current Staff setup, can't bugfix or keep servers running with some kind of stability behind it - I, personally, doubt they have the skill to keep the population here, to reach a TBC launch. We'll see what April brings. Looking back - it should be interesting.
  8. Gehere

    kicked at log in

    Do you get any kind of error message?
  9. Some shit about personal issues. He left the STAFF, on April 1st.
  10. Gehere

    Accidentally accepted mail from spammer.

    I just return the damn arrow, when it arrived 7 times times a day, in my mailbox. Their problem - not mine.
  11. Gehere

    Taming the Beast Part 2 (Night Elf)

    Delete your WDB folder.
  12. His opinion isn't - his point is. Stop defending this project. Instead of recieving applaus and respect, Elysium is becoming a joke on the private server scene. Wake up.
  13. Gehere

    Shadowcraft boots.

    Look - this is no big secret. They fucked with things, they didn't really know anything about - and in an attempt to "fix" it, just like whenever they patch fixes, they broken even more stuff. Welcome to Elysium patchwork.
  14. Gehere

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    It IS ashes.. There is literally no more wood to burn. People have had enough of shady and empty promises.
  15. Gehere

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    It is called grasping for straws, trying to build a raft.