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  1. metagame

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    I'm not making any assumptions, the way it is worded in OP's post is extremely confusing and leaves out major details. How much did it cost before and how much of an increase will this upgrade cost per month? Is this metric for one server or for all of them? We really need some more information here to understand exactly how much more contribution from the community is needed. For example if I was donating $10 a month before and the server cost has doubled now I need to donate $20 to maintain the same contribution level. This is really the most important part and it's not clear at all.
  2. metagame

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    This is very unclear to me. Does this mean $350 per month plus a single $300 fee? Or does it mean $650 per month? Are you talking about an additional cost per month on top of the other costs of running the server, or is this figure a total cost for running the server? Please clarify what these numbers mean. This post is very unclear.
  3. metagame

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    Excellent work dev team, keep it up, these updates are appreciated both from a transparency and a game improvement standpoint.
  4. metagame

    Make 2FA Mandatory

    This is true, but a big part of 2FA is the part where if your computer is compromised, the hacker would also need access to a 2nd device to authenticate to your account. Anyway, I disagree with the notion of requiring 2FA for all accounts.
  5. metagame

    Your donations and you…

    Illegal according to which country's laws? I think Elysium and Nostalrius differ in their opinion of this situation. Personally, I don't think Blizzard Vanilla would be nearly as good as an open source fan project (which is what Elysium is).
  6. metagame

    Voting System

    Yes, I was very active on the Feenix forum and I have followed your posts and threads (among thousands of others) throughout the last few years.
  7. metagame

    Voting System

    You said it yourself Theloras: your arguments are generally factually spot-on. If that's the case then why are you receiving so many downvotes? You and Duki receive downvotes because you overlook or don't care about the way your posts are worded. They are usually in a condescending or disagreeable manner, or completely off-topic and clearly directed in your own self-interest. Perhaps you should take some time to reconsider your unique voice with which you write your posts and make it less discordant with the literary environment this forum exists in.
  8. metagame

    [Solution] Mail Gold Spam

    I think a better solution is to add a feature to the mail system where you are required to send a few silver as a deposit to the recipient who can send it back upon getting the mail. For friends mailing each other, the silver will most likely be returned, and for sending mail to your own alts you can always send the deposit back to your main. You can get complex with this solution to improve it; disable the deposit requirement for friends who have each other on their Friends List because no gold spammer would be on a real player's Friends List. You can also increase the deposit requirement for low level players, and the deposit requirement could ease as you level up. Characters lower than level 20 are not going to be sending much mail to random people anyway (bank alts can have your main char on its friends list, and thus not be required to make a deposit). Level 40+ characters could be exempt completely from the deposit requirement. This would make mailbox spamming more costly for gold spammers, and also work against their objective because if they chose to eat the cost they would be simultaneously chewing away at their own bottom line.
  9. metagame

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    All servers have lost avg playercount because the hype of a new server launch is wearing off. It's true that ZK is hurt the most by the population decline but I don't think the majority of people want the servers to merge. I'm sure when the dev team feels it is appropriate they will advertise the server through the proper channels and raise up the population again.
  10. metagame

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    Between 700 and 2000 players is "Blizzlike" Medium to High population, and to some who take Blizzard's original decision as God's original holy word and intention, this is a good place to point them to when they say 9k players on Elysium is "too crowded" and "not Blizzlike".
  11. @kingtut The code for the server is open-source. You can make your own 12x server or whatever and see if anyone plays on it. I think you might be surprised to see just how few people agree with you. Plenty of successful people with lives play WoW at 1x, just because you can't imagine being able to do it doesn't mean it isn't possible.
  12. metagame

    Grinding 2 mobs at once?

    Damn, what server do you play on? This is exactly why I hate low population. Kang isn't so bad but Ice Barbed would be way better. Also respec for parry 5 if you don't have it already, heroic strike talent is worthless for leveling now that you have Mortal Strike / WW. You're not already eating after fighting two mobs? I feel like using Sweeping Strikes on two mobs -2 levels is way better than fighting them solo, especially because demo shout is more efficient.
  13. Okay, might as well get this started off on the right foot I'm offering a 0.1 BTC bounty for a pull request that is well-tested, accepted by the Elysium staff, and is merged into core that fixes this problem: https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/2162
  14. metagame

    Tanking at 60

    Do not use dynamite, use Crystal Charge + Crystal Spire + Crystal Restore. (You can replace Crystal Restore with a healthstone if you have a warlock that doesn't mind making you a new one every pull...) Dynamite: Resets your swing timer. Has a long cooldown. Is on the global cooldown. Does very little damage. Has a cast time. Only stacks up to 10. Crystal Charge does not have any of these problems. The only time using engineering for AoE pulls is better is when you are in a short fight (less than 2 minutes) with no other fight for 3 minutes, which is the only situation where Goblin Sapper Charge will be better than Crystal Charge. Then again Goblin Sapper Charge is pretty expensive, but in terms of raw burst AoE threat it does the most (it does more damage AND damages you, so doubles up on the threat)... but it has a pretty long cooldown. Crystal Charge is instant cast, is not on the GCD, is a 1 min cooldown, does a lot of damage (it can crit too), and stacks up to 20. It's also inexpensive and does not require engineering to use or create. Also use Bloodrage AFTER you pull, as taking damage in combat will give you threat with all mobs you are in combat with.
  15. metagame

    Is regrowth worth the mana in dungeons

    If it lets you get a 5-second rule mana regen tick it might be slightly better than using your most efficient healing touch rank.