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  1. This should be very clear to everyone. They didn't cheat but the MC instance is not perfectly blizzlike. They use the mangos core, right? They call it the elysium core but it's basically just an adaptation of the mangos one. Plus, they switched back to their original scripts after the whole nost drama if I understand it correctly. Bottom line is this. It can't be blizzlike, it never will be. There is another team building a new core from scratch. It will be interesting to see how their server turns out but for now this is what we got and it's pretty good for being free.
  2. VladAtheris

    Cow stream + WoW OST music. Mooo!

    Met a few nice people yesterday that helped a lot. Back live now, hoping to meet some more.
  3. If anyone wants to join me on my quest to hit some levels, maybe get to 10 today, then feel free to tag along. I'm not gonna do any crazy 24 hour nonsense. I'm just looking to find some skilled mofos that I'll be able to quest with for a while. I'm gonna play a warrior so if we manage to get to level 15 by some miracle maybe we'll do some dungeon runs. This is my stream https://www.twitch.tv/hrmvlad
  4. VladAtheris


    Yes. That is correct. Although if I recall correctly when Nost was released the PvE opened about 2 hours late and the PvP about 5 hours late. So I would be surprised if the actual release time is going to be as advertised. But who knows.
  5. VladAtheris

    How to log in fast?

    I use voodoo magic. I chopped a chickens head off and hung it over my modem to make the connection super fast. Works every time.
  6. VladAtheris

    i want to delete my account

    ...okay *backs away slowly*
  7. VladAtheris

    i want to delete my account

    Why would the login name matter? Nobody sees that in game anyway.
  8. VladAtheris

    Gold Farming Tips

    Doesn't ore always spawn immediately after it is mined, somewhere else on the map, because each zone needs to have at least 12 or something veins up at all times? Or did they add that in later expansions? Anyway, I think the best way is to look for mobs that drop expensive greys and farm those. Playing the AH is not good unless you have a lot of free time and farming mats profitably is impossible with the current population.
  9. VladAtheris


    Selling greys usually give you enough gold to get the level 40 mount. There's no level range on mats. However I do find it annoying when max level people kill the mobs you need for your quest in order to loot from them or skin them. The turtles in Hinterlands are a good example where 60s might just run around killing them cuz they drop on average 15s/kill due to their greys selling for a lot. Especially since there aren't a lot of turtles to begin with.
  10. VladAtheris

    [H] Fresh(PvP) -=Infelix=-

    As the fresh release draws near it is time to look closer at the guild's immediate goals and decide on how best to achieve them. These are our most immediate imperatives: -recruit a small but sturdy base of active members. -decide upon and consistently use voice communication software -establish groups in order to ease leveling and get out of the nightmare starter zones I believe these are attainable goals and necessary stepping stones towards a thriving guild. I shall see you all on launch day.
  11. VladAtheris

    Alcor sunrazor issue

    You only succeeded in pointing out that your friend's is bugged and yours is working correctly. His should be the one fixed and if they have time to get around to it they will fix it.
  12. We should all pool together some cash and get Snide a hooker to deflower him before he loses his mind and kills his mom.
  13. VladAtheris

    Gold Buyers: the real problem?

    Don't buy gold seems like the obvious answer here, boys and girls. I don't really understand who these people are that buy gold anyway. After all, the demand must be huge is there is a business made out of the thing. Nobody would retaliate with heavy DDoS attacks if all they stood to lose was a few hundred bucks. A second solution would be for the server to sell gold in exchange for cash. Have a shop and sell gold. It's not like selling gold makes the game pay to win. Gold is mostly for mounts and respecs in Vanilla. It won't be like the guy buying gold is breaking the game and making it impossible for the non buyers to play. All it will do is fuck up the economy on the AH but that could be quite interesting actually. This way every guild will have to have their own designated farmers who focus on gathering stuff. There might be guild unions who decide to only trade among themselves and bypass the AH altogether. Imagine trading federations brokering deals and establishing monopolies on materials. Could be fun. Bottom line, gold selling is like drug dealing if you want the dealers out of business then make their stuff legal and sell it yourself.
  14. VladAtheris

    Crestfall Exodus

    To be honest I think a substantial segment of the population will move over, especially from Fresh, simply because the gripes that people have with Elysium will not go away by the time CF launches. Not to mention the fact that MC won't be open by that time on Fresh so people won't feel like they are doing the same thing all over again again. Also, the grass is always greener on the other side mentality seems to be strong around these parts.
  15. VladAtheris

    Crestfall Exodus

    You are right Outstanding, some people have short attention spans. They give into fads and always want to be on the 'most blizzlike' or 'best' server. They go to the fresh server now but in 3-4 months they will move on if they don't find everything to be peachy and to their liking. Fresh also drew a lot of people away from old Nost and if many decide to leave then the servers might start to slowly become less and less populated. It happened on the WotLK 1x Lordaeron server of warmane after they implemented the Lordaeron core on the 7x Icecrown server. They too started with 15k people and 10k queues but now it's Icecrown who is always capped. I don't exactly remember when they implemented the core but it was a long time after I hit level 80 and I was a slow leveler and yet many people abandoned their full epic toons and moved. I'm still playing on Lordaeron but just 2v2 arenas. You can't even find 3v3 games anymore and 5v5 is rarer than a unicorn. It's not as fun as it was when people were swarming the server even thought they still have a few thousand online. Plus, people are already complaining about things being different and not blizzlike. There is also the gold farmer problem which will probably not exist on CF as they have banned Chinese IPs if I understand correctly. It kinda annoys me that they are trying to compete with one another and just end up with diminished populations. Anyway, it is all speculation at this point. I was just curious what other people thought about the issue.