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  1. Rageward

    Talent tree feedback

    Wont need the evidence if the Tooltip doesnt reflect the actual abilities mechanic really if tested they will realise this and simply just reword the tooltip , I would assume the dev arent going to be "Thats not blizzlike" about something so trivial - it just makes it easier to spec if you can actually have the correct wording. As you have seen they do some "custom" fixes so it not completely "blizz-like" but as close as possible.
  2. Rageward

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    It entirely depends on the fight , for example HEAVY hitting bosses like NEF/Chrom/Brood you will want to have decent hp/def/and avoidance/mitigation so that it makes it easier for healers. other then that 1% hit is far superior in every situation.
  3. Rageward

    Talent tree feedback

    I concede , interesting I will have to look into this more could make for better speed clears. Well I will raise a github bug report so that the devs can eventually change this tooltip and so it displays properly.
  4. Rageward

    Talent tree feedback

    Well if this is the case , then the talent is broken and not as intended , it should simply delay the ammount of time for the rage to go back to 0 , IF it is indeed adding rage out of combat to your current rage then it will need to be fixed on github or atleast reworded on the tooltip to state what it is currently doing. Im confused as to why you are saying this now ? if you said while I Am "out of combat" that would make more sense to your previous statement. The talent doesnt really state anything about getting rage in combat. It simply states that when you are out of combat the rage decay will be less , I Assume this persists during combat but irrelevant as there is no rage decay while being in combat. So Basically going back to the previous thought , the talent is broken if it is adding rage. I havent got time right now to find a "source" of some kind anywhere but just reading the tooltip basically means its broken.
  5. Rageward

    Talent tree feedback

    Thats incorrect Roxanne , out of combat anger management just slows the decay time not permanently generating rage. on that note for PVE dps I dont think your spec is totally "viable for dps" the demo shout is nice if it is required otherwise I would just have a OT spec into it and keep it up , For a dps to use your build they would lose ALOT of dps - if you think about a dps warrior mid game to end game there ability to crit is crazy and that impale will add quite a lot more dps , Taking bloodcraze ? what for you shouldnt really being getting hit by anything that can crit you. not taking the offhand dmg increase as a dps I dunno seems silly to me , white hits are quite alot of a physical dmg so why would you nerf that , that alone will increase rage generation aswell. For dps I would not suggest your spec, as another tank can provide the improved Demo quite easily without nerfing there ability to tank quite easily.
  6. If you need a black Smith for anything contact Rageward in-game and we can make a deal :) I am also selling UBRS key services.
  7. Rageward

    how do i calculate my +hit needed from gear?

    If you are reaching your critcap which currently is the case for some rogues on elysium , you want to focus more so your white hits can do more.
  8. The gank is Real , NEED MORE SHAMANS AND DRUIDS!!!!
  9. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Potential applicants must be careful.
  10. Gank squads in STV ... IE farming too much alliance ass !
  11. Server down bumping for relevance!
  12. fuck tanks , where the shamans at !
  13. Shayss scrub, you forgot to update front page info with recruitment status aswell. Iron Edge is looking for a few more Resto Shamans who may be worthy of wearing our guild name. If you can meet our requirements then make an application.
  14. Iron edge selling gimp suits 50g a pop !