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    Healing guide

    Just noticed was april 1st when I posted no more updates :) Updated on nostalrius forums , reuploaded imgs etc.
  2. Kailas

    Healing guide

    This guide will no longer receive updates as I am no longer active in WoW
  3. Kailas

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Healing guide containing the addon list
  4. Kailas

    Healing guide

    @Missperfect You can right click the Incoming casts on me and Incoming casts on target text to open a drop down menu, it allows you to customize some of the things like size, setting the bars to stack on top or beneath etc. @Artan My macro is used for NS only because I sometimes use NS for Chain Lightning or Healing. You can make a macro that would look like this /script SpellStopCasting() /aftercast +done /5 NS USED! /script CastSpellByName("Nature's Swiftness") /lunamo Healing Wave(Rank 9) and it would be as you say , you would need to push the key two times. That is why I don't use this macro. As far as I know macros in vanilla do not allow you to use both spells at same time as you might have experienced in later expansions however I have not looked into it to much (or which is more likely, I did and don't recall the details so I don't want to make any claims I can't back up :P). I use keybinds 1 for NS macro and 3 for /lunamo HW9 and with those I can make a really fast press combo with my ring and index fingers as I am used to this movement from playing a guitar.
  5. Kailas

    Healing guide

    I currently use around 140 keyboard + mouse binds with WAD and as you can see I don't need to switch to ESDF for movement keys but if you like that no one is stopping you :) I agree it has more available keys to use close at hand. Main reason for me is I play games on wasd for at least 10 years and to make such a drastic change it would take months to get used to it if I ever could
  6. Kailas

    Healing guide

    Thanks for the praise @Bonappetit Note for all the Shamans; Windfury now applies with totem cast (changed from previous apply 5 sec after totem cast). This enables you to totem swap having agility totem up for the duration of WF buff and then reapplying it when WF runs out. Currently TotemTimers Enhanced does not support this change however you can use VCB weapon frame (will work at least until oils are applicable again) for timer until hopefully someone updates TotemTimers addon. https://elysium-project.org/updates/2017-01-25 https://github.com/MOUZU/TotemTimers-Enhanced
  7. There was an update afaik. Nostalrius dropped all collaboration and elysium staff is removing nostalrius core .. Will take another year at least to get elysium/valkyire core into state nostalrius was in. If they have the manpower/knowledge for it . Im guessing we will see delays on all server with the release of new content If you forgot how Nostalrius core was in the start (when server first opened up). Well, I think we are going to see some of that here to
  8. Improved totem shaman is viable IMO following the logic that in most situations you don't need all healers to heal but sometimes you do. You can use nightfall when healing is not as needed and switch to healing gear when it is. The problem for me is finding decent healers, not wanna be enhancements. In guilds I was part of leadership in the past my requirement for anyone to play imp. totem shaman is to master resto shaman. Resto/feral druids can follow same logic if you use set ups with few tanks / dps warriors with no tank gear. But usually when you need an extra tank you need an extra healer at least during the start of the fight while all targets are alive. In both cases you need an extra try hard player for the role. Why? Well you need two sets of gears and two sets of consumables, UI that can accommodate both roles. Reality is other classes perform better and get the dps spots in raids far easier. The effort required to play hybrids is rarely noted and their benefit rarely appreciated by raids
  9. Kailas

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Warlock January 2017 Shaman January 2017
  10. Kailas

    Healing guide

    Updated Addon list with all the github links I could find and removed all addons with a github link from the dropbox. If you find a bug with any of the addons still in development report it on github and it might get fixed.
  11. Kailas

    Emphasis 8/8 [EU] PvE & PvP Recruitment Thread

    The long break from Nostalrius impacted our roster so we are currently rebuilding. First BWL should be next Wednesday Still recruiting Shamans, Priests, Warlocks and Warriors (Protection)
  12. Agreed , annoying as hell. Cant post assignments in raid or post dmg meters. One line macro sucks
  13. Kailas

    Healing guide

    Contents 1. Introduction 2. Awareness of your surroundings 3. Gear optimization 4. Down ranking spells 5. Addons and Macros 6. Communication 7. Analyzing realmplayers data 8. Preparation for Raid 9. World buffs _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Introduction This guide was first made as a guild thing but I latter decided to post it on Nostalrius forums as there was not a similar guide there and I wanted to contribute to the community and improve the guide itself with feedback and further discussions. UI set up (macro usage, addon, keybinds, etc.) which I perceive as a standard without which healers constituting a healing team cannot be compared objectively. Someone developing improvements or other, better ways of healing has an advantage over others and therefore can not be compared equally. I have not tried every addon out there, talked to every healer or read every class guide/healer guide however this guide is based on my long time experience in playing World of Warcraft as a damage dealer, healer and lately tank as well and it has drawn from posts of Qiraji (guild) EmeraldDream (server) posts, Purge (guild) Nostalrius posts, many vanilla guides and conversations I had with many healers. Special thanks to Egregious, Scar/Aslan and Vodou/Tazvodou for their significant contributions. Through explanation of basic healing principles and overview of what a healing team set up consists of this guide can help beginners to advance rapidly or experienced players to perfect their trade or just serve as a remainder. This guide does not contain any sort of heal bot addon and personally I consider those who use such addons cheaters and just plain bad healers. Healing is a team play; trying to achieve success by working together. Success for a healing team in vanilla WoW is everyone in your raid (including pets) surviving the fight with the least amount of mana possible used so you can continue progressing with least amount of downtime (drinking/ressing/buffing) possible. Healing is a big part of what effects whether or not everyone survives but tanks and damage dealers (DPS) will also effect it in various ways dependent on the situation. For example: fail taunt rotations (MC Lava annihilators, ZG berserkers), overaggroing (DPS taking the target focus away from the tank by overtanking the tank on the target "hatelist"), standing in fire (popular among the masses), not spreading out or spreading out, etc. Recognizing these situations and reacting to them preemptively if possible is part of what makes a good healer. Each class has its own ways to min/max and specialize but in this guide I will talk mainly about tweaking shamans as that's the class I am most familiar with. However, this mindset can be applied to any class and parts of this guide related to shamans will help priests, druids and paladins as well. There are many class guides on Nostalrius forums and elsewhere on the net so these short class specialization/role/task descriptions below are just to give a basic idea of what each class can do for purposes of this guide which is oriented more towards the basis of a healing team and is not going to be detailed on every healing class. Shamans will be tank healers,raid healers, dispellers or a mix thereof depending on setup, encounter and gear (full t1 shamans on tank healing only unless you have no choice because of chain heal being so much stronger than healing wave without full t1). Shamans provide totems during the whole raid and his ability is often judged on how good was his totem up time is. Since January 2017 Wind Fury applies to the weapons instantly allowing for a more efficient totem swap. Totem swapping and up time is very important for melee groups and can drastically increase their DPS. Full restoration shamans are very strong and versatile healers if properly geared. Depending on gear available to you, the length and demands of an encounter you would switch from different gear sets suiting each situation. Improved totems shamans are raid healers only and on fights where low raid healing is required they can provide nightfall or at least some dps which is better than doing almost no healing. Priests will be tank healers,raid healers, dispellers or a mix thereof depending on setup and encounter. You will often cast Prayer of Healing on your own group (on horde usually in ranged groups since shamans normally are assigned to melee groups and on alliance most often in melee groups) and keep people from death by shielding when in danger (low health/dots etc). Can spec into Power Infusion to boost casters or deep holy for more healing. Can even spec 20 points in shadow to provide Shadow Weaving (+15% shadow debuff) if your setup doesn't include a dedicated Shadow Priest. Druids will be tank healers, raid healers, dispellers or a mix thereof depending on setup and encounter. They can also be useful in other ways such as feral resto druid if properly geared can be used as offtank if its required. Healing touch and swiftmend are both raid and tank healing speccs. Paladins will be tank healers,raid healers, dispellers or a mix thereof depending on setup and encounter. Providing Auras and buffs is as important as totem up time for shamans. Healer tasks Raid Healing Having Boss as target you can see his target through Target of target luna feature or similar addons that enable ToT feature. That along with Show agro indicator on raid frames will help you notice someone taking agro off the tank easy if you set up your UI properly. Each healer would prioritize those in his group over others when PREHEALING and topping up. Tank Healing You have your assigned tank targeted the whole fight and by using Forecast along with other healer/s assigned you synchronize the spells so each lands in a evenly spaced interval ensuring maximum health of the tank through the fight. Dispelling Mainly focuses on dispelling but when no debuff is up you can try to add another heal to tank or just top the raid up if needed. Nature Swiftness Rotations Macros to announce usage in order to notify next in line to use his NS. Resurrection should be done mainly by shamans (horde side) due to priests needing to use mana for buffing as well. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Awareness of your surroundings and your character position _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Gear optimization _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Down ranking spells _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Addons and Macros All addons I use - dropbox link Addons on dropbox explained The idea is that each class gets the addons for the role they are playing. Everyone would use raider addons, healers would use raider+healer addons and if its a healer officer than he would user raider, healer and officer addons. All healers are required to use Luna unit frames or other frame addon in combination with healcom and bonusccaner (luna has healcom integrated and bonusscaner can be found in healer folder) while useful addons and Action Bar Addons are optional. Most of the addons I use I found on Elysium or Nostalrius forums so you can get them there yourself as well. Addons that have their link for Github will not be found on my dropbox as they may have new updates. You can also report any issues you find with those addons on its github page Macros: Keybinds: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Communication _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Analyzing realmplayers data _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Preparation for Raid _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. World buffs _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any questions or want to add something feel free to post here or /w me in game