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  1. The actual boss encounters and raid mechanics are higher difficulty than vanilla, but the general preparation needed to raiding is not as consuming as vanilla was: - As a start... you need less people. - better itemisation, and the added bonus of badge of justice farming (which ensures some good items for certain classes) - class balance, anyone can have a raid spot. - easier to farm gold and consumables. In general the mechanics of vanilla bosses are not really hard (until Nax), and while there might be a hard boss here and there (such as C'thun), the difficulty comes from getting 40 people to be able to have the requirements to endure the fight (such as enough gear). Also vanilla raiding can require consumables which are perhaps a bit harder to get, and some gear requirements (like resistance gear) for some particular fights which makes the progression take time. In contrast, the economy of TBC is much smoother given everyone can farm gold with daily quests, and recipes for crafting consumables are more widely available. In regards to boss mechanics, they are more complex than vanilla, but they rely more on individual skill of players, and the itemisation makes it much easier to focus on making harder boss mechanics, instead of making the encounter hard because the raid lacks dps. In regards to Nax, consider it was the end of expansion raid, and it is certainly much more difficult than the rest. If you notice vanilla progression, you will realise that blizzard was acting on a trial and error basis, slowly making the raids better. It could be said that the TBC raids are the product of what blizzard learned through vanilla and posses some of the challenges presented in the most difficult bosses, with Nax as the culmination of the expansion being the hardest. This is why, despite Nax being regarded as the hardest raid ever released, the general difficulty of the entire TBC expansion is higher than vanilla in comparison. PS: it is also fair to say that, looking back at vanilla, all the strategies are now widely known and the raid encounters may today seem much easier than they originally were.
  2. Today I logged into my account and found a toon with the same name as my main, but lvl 1 and with a number at the end written in the name, as in "Dralek1" (not my toon's actual name, just using as example), which I found odd given you can't use numbers in names, so I suppose its a bug due to a copy from an old back up or something. So should I just delete that extra toon? Its level one, same class as my main, same name with the number "1" in the name
  3. Dralek

    Interest in twinking on the TBC server

    I really hope the twink brackets resurface. Personally I would recommend preparing for 30-39, as far as I remember, it was the most popular bracket during TBC, because of the few epic items and the TBC enchants. But I guess that with a big population any bracket is possible. Also, in patch 2.4.3 mounts and riding skill level are reduced to 30, so at some point the bracket becomes much better.
  4. Dralek

    Interest in twinking on the TBC server

    30-39 will always be the favourite one, because the TBC enchants can be applied to most of the gear.
  5. Given characters will be "copy/pasted" from one db to the other, and exist simultaneously in the Vanilla database and the BC database, there is a potential for item and gold duping. For example after having one character copied into TBC realm with all its gold and items, one could simply log in the vanilla realm (where the character still exists) and transfer gold/items to another character on another account, and then have that account transfer, and so on, and so on. I wanted to point this out early before TBC came out, because this has the potential for trouble.
  6. I understand, and in fact agree with that. But that isn't what people are asking on this thread. I think they merely want the blue items to be upgraded.
  7. As far as I remember, they implemented the updated versions of the rank 7,8 and 10 sets, along with the epic shoulder/weapon rewards from Arathi Basin rep (Defilers/Arathor). I do not remember if at the time they did update the epic rank items, but then again this isn't what the people are requesting. Your complain seems to focus on the queue system, rather than the items itself, so your response seems to have little to do with what I said. When they implemented the items most higher ranks blew up in anger, but in the end it didn't change much. The gear gap with raid epics was still large, yet the blue items did not impact PVE content at all.
  8. Just to offer some evidence, this un-blizzlike change was done in Nostalrius, and it had no negative impact in the gameplay whatsoever. And yes, before it was implemented a lot of people complained about it. The change didn't affect PVE at all, because most PVErs don't rank so grinding for a few weeks in order to get a piece of blue gear which can be easily replaced makes no sense, and it did make pvp grind a bit easier, particularly for casuals. Its a good change.
  9. I'm going to react if I'm being heavily miss-quoted on what I have written, which is what you and others have been doing for 2 pages. Half of what many have posted was based on things we didn't actually wrote (such as Anathema players having "demands"). Your lack of reading comprehension isn't my fault, but it becomes my problem if you begin quoting me.
  10. A lot of players that used to say "I like vanilla more" eventually migrated to Warmane when it came out, either out of discontent for the situation in Anathema or general apetite for TBC. Personally I think Anathema will end up with much less population. But you never know.
  11. By your other comment in which you seem to believe that Elysium players are getting transfered, or that Anathema players are making "demands" (quite the opposite), and the one I'm quoting, its seems perfectly clear that you have not read the entire topic, and you are just posting based on a brief overview of what was written. Thats fair, but it truly makes most of your comments so far, completly meaningless and devoid from the reality of what we have been discussing. Perhaps you were offended by the mention that Elysium players are only interested in themselves, and decided to skip over the actual important parts. Please take a minute to actually read them.
  12. I think that the childish thing would be to attempt to chastise others for having disagreements regarding a certain subject. Playing the school teacher role when its not needed doesn't make you more eloquent, considering the conversation has been quite polite so far. As you said, Elysium is around 75% of the realm's popultion. If you go by majority number, it is likely that the suggestions will be in favour of Elysium (making Anathema wait for example). So its expected that we, the few Anathema players left, will voice our opinions regarding such actions. Its true the possibilities are endless, but the most likely outcomes can easily be predicted, so whats wrong with suggestions based on the most possible scenarios actually happening? If we are wrong then good, if we are not then at least we will be prepared.
  13. The plan is to transfer Anathema into TBC. They said nothing about Elysium. We are suggesting for them to allow people from Elysium to start TBC along with us, in essence we are asking if they can consider elysium players too. How on earth is that us being selfish??
  14. Because Anathema players are not supposed to be sacrificing anything. We are almost done with vanilla content, thus the only logical step-up is to go TBC. Now, as I said before, this was the original plan since old Nostalrius. Whether Elysium players get TBC or not later isn't something related to Anathema's progression. Now, I'm sure the admins do not want to end up with two TBC realms in different timelines, because this would hurt Anathema in the long run. But It is also not fair for both communities to end up in one realm in which one community is getting a head start, because this would hurt Elysium. We can also add that neither Elysium should be forced to progress faster to catch up, nor Anathema be forced to wait for this to happen. So we are hurting both communities in every scenario. So what are we suggesting to avoid so many complications? A compromise: allow Elysium players that wish to have TBC now transfer to Anathema realm now, before the launch. Keep Elysium as the "vanilla realm" and make Anathema the definite "TBC realm". Is it perfect? No. Is it fair to both sides? No. It does, however, remove some of he problems we have from the table. And it can sort of benefit both Anathema and Elysium players.