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  1. Always on the look out for dedicated oceanic players. First BWL raid tonight, get keen cobbers!
  2. The only reason ally have a higher win rate in ab/wsg is because there are far more ally premades. Horde always dominates ally in pug v pug. You are in denial if you think ally aren't playing like total mouth breathers in AV.
  3. Oceanics Thirteen is an Australian / New Zealand based raiding guild on the Elysium PvP server. All content is on farm and we eagerly await the future content patches. We are always on the look out for reliable oceanic players to prepare for future content and can provide you with a stable raiding platform for your vanilla itch. All raid content was on farm on both Emerald Dream / Nostalrius and our guild had served as the main raiding platform for the oceanic community until Nostalrius was closed. If you are looking for an oceanic guild to PvP, run dungeons and raid in a casual yet competitive environment, Oceanics Thirteen is the guild for you. To earn a spot in the raid core you should be able to; follow instructions over discord, show commitment to the progression of the guild and not be a fragile snowflake. The guild uses a loot council system where raiders are valued based on: raid performance and attendance, use of consumables, time with out receiving loot, use of required addons, ability to follow instructions and the most benefit to the guild/raid. Raid times are 8pm AEDT - 11pm AEDT (Thursday & Sunday). For more info check out our forums or stop by discord for a chat: http://oceanicguild.shivtr.com/