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  1. Most gracious player I've played with. H Y P E
  2. Kiwi* cheers for the bump lad. Page 2*
  3. Ethug. We've established ourselves on elysium pvp and have no desire to reroll (yet again). I wish you and your server all the best for the future, we won't be participating in what Nostralia has to offer. Thanks for the bump, still recruiting oceanic members for the Elysium server with over 100 players active during our peak times. PM Thirsty, Sanger or Bigrig for invite.
  4. nvnz

    LF Aus Players

    We've put Anathema behind us. There is far greater competition for oceanic supremacy on Elysium server as there are four oceanic alliance guilds and two horde guilds compared to one oceanic guild on Anathema and the PvE realm. If you want to compete against people your timezone (wiping entire oceanic raids or the odd pvp action in world or battlegrounds) then Elysium is the best bet in the long term.
  5. Still waiting for the actual guild server first, not a pug.
  6. nvnz

    LF Aus Players

    The server, Elysium would be your best bet for australian/oceanics players. Both factions are accommodating hundreds of our time-based population + the eu/na crowds that enjoy playing at abnormal hours. The other servers however don't have the luxury for shear oceanic numbers. Pick a faction, there's a few guilds either side that would be willing to take you.
  7. prestigious oce guild checking in. Come join the fam.
  8. Y E A H G A M E R S N O T L O N G N O W
  9. Y E A H ! ! ! O C E A N I C B R O S Siick lad. I was outvoted on the alliance call :'(