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  1. quite the throwback Starting to catch up on gear. Clear times starting to be respectable. With that said, we are in need of two Holy Paladins for immediate raid spots.
  2. Title. 50g/craft for Nightfall, 20g/craft Annihilator. Message Ak/Akqt/Vaccine/Jipples/Idcmmr in game for more details.
  3. Looking for a top-tier paladin to round out our roster
  4. we taking a prot warrior dps warrs rouges
  5. not a fan of non-class colored raid frames for healers other than that to each his own as far as clean UIs are concerned. I personally wouldn't separate my mana and health like that but whatever works
  6. prot paladins are the best tanks by far in vanilla, i dont know why more guilds dont use them.
  7. kind of wish there was more competition after NOPE left to properly have discussions about this
  8. looking for more gamers tank, warlocks, mages always looking for quality melee
  9. page 2 guild we 48 min mc clear now looking for dem warlocks