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  1. Maximillian

    Why I left Darrowshire - Poplockndrop

    3 most toxic players on Horde is having a civilized discussion, grab popcorn boys.
  2. Maximillian

    Some stats from the BWL Launch

    I already have a guild, thanks. Our guild uses realmplayers, so our stats isn't saved on legacy logs. And every server should have a raid progression thread either way. Also it helps for any new players/players transferring to get an overview of guilds, and their current progression.
  3. Maximillian

    Some stats from the BWL Launch

    Was anyone in the process of making a raid progression list? I take it that has died out, anyone willing to make one and keep it updated? Doesn't have to be super fancy.
  4. Maximillian

    Elysium Project: Moving Forward!

    Fearward and berserker stance doesn't work for alliancr either on Nefarian, so grab that piece of cake and stuff it somewhere else.
  5. Maximillian

    Need made: Force Reactive Disk (Darrowshire)

    AFAIK it hasnt dropped for anyone yet. Only SP, healing and hit so far.
  6. Maximillian

    Some stats from the BWL Launch

    Interesting read. Well done to all guilds. Special thanks goes to Lothars Reign for trolling the shit out of us in /1