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  1. Zariya

    Shenna's Resignation

    Thank you Shenna for all your work on this project. I do hope one day you will reconsider, although I do understand what you have had to deal with. I wanted to link Nano's post for those that may have not seen it:
  2. Zariya

    Shift loot quest items

    I actually mentioned this to a guild mate last night. We both found it happened in the NE starting zone with regards to the Timberling Sprouts.
  3. Zariya

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    I am enjoying my time here - thank you for it!
  4. Zariya

    Recent Lag

    Sorry to hear you are having issues. Its been fine here for me and my friends. If you and your GF are in the same residence, you may want to see if you are having internet issues in general either by calling your provider or testing it at a site such as speedtest.net . Much luck to you.
  5. Yes we are on patch 1.6 content -wise
  6. Zariya

    Left stranded at GM island

    Thanks for posting this op - it was interesting to see what goes on. It looks like you weren't giving them the right answer that's why they weren't typing back. I am happy to see that GM's are protecting the server.
  7. Zariya

    Oily Blackmouth?

    low percentage, but I have caught them at Steemwheedle Port and Feathermoon Stronghold when I was fishing for other fish.
  8. Zariya

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    Thanks for the update Shenna. My friends, family, guild and I are really enjoying Darrowshire - thank you for providing it.
  9. Zariya


    Join a guild where they are about community first and do not do things like that .
  10. Zariya

    Elysium Project: Moving Forward!

    Thank you Elysium Staff <3
  11. Zariya

    Connected (Not)

    There is a twitter post saying they are fixing an issue: https://twitter.com/elysium_dev/status/834077400203935744
  12. I have done both (ordering and picking up). I prefer to order since stores are limited in their selection.
  13. Zariya

    Stuck at "connected"

  14. Multiboxing is against Terms of Use: " VII. Multiboxing Multiboxing is not allowed and refers to playing multiple characters simultaneously. Whether this is done via 3rd party software, alt-tabbing between instances, or by running multiple machines, does not matter. The only exception is that you may have up to two characters in the same major or goblin city temporarily, for trading, crafting, conjuring and portalling purposes." https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/21966-terms-of-use-rules-regulations/