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  1. +1 prefer restored characters over faster progression
  2. I wonder whether ex-Nost characters stopped appearing in the control panel after Nost ended the transfers.
  3. wampuskitty

    Randomise respawn timers for recipes

    I am not asking for a shortening of respawns just randomisation, it's about fairness and preventing exploits. A 90 minute timer could be changed to "random time between 60 and 120 minutes but on average 90". That would make it fairer for all and harder for campers.
  4. I've been trying to get the Frost Oil recipe for weeks and it's clearly being camped and sold at an extortionate price on the AH. I am told the respawn timer is 90 minutes, if so then this camping behaviour is clearly exploiting game mechanics to advantage. It hurts lower players because we can't afford 7-10g for a recipe when we have to save for a mount. There's no particular reason for fixed respawn timers other than ease of programming, unless you're claiming they are DESIGNED to propagate this camping behaviour. I never saw this on the old Elysium but there was similar trouble on the old Nostalrius. My suggestion: can we have limited-stock vendor recipes respawning randomly please to give us all a chance to get them?
  5. There is a lot of obnoxious disgusting chat I see, usually involving some sort of sexual act. There's also a lot of hate against the Russians and Chinese. But usually like the guy above said, it's a few people who are really going for it and you can /ignore one of them and it's 10 times better. Thicker skin for the rest. Oh and "/leave world" when you get tired of it, you can probably "/leave general" too when they are corrupting barrens or thousand needles. But to those shouting the OP down: it's a sad day when nice people move on because of abusers.