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    to elysium team

    Probably more immediate question is how long will the servers continue if the player base doesn't pick up again.
  2. wampuskitty

    Delete the item shop

    Just saw the shop items and had the same initial reaction as the OP, but yeah I see why it was done. I would pay for character transfer in future now that TBC is running, kind of doing my head in having two versions of characters and there's things I want to finish on vanilla before shifting focus to TBC. Might be nice to be able to re-copy characters across for a fee. But hey, lets see what happens when classic releases.
  3. wampuskitty


    Thanks for this, great to have old characters back ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Yeah, good point about the subs. As to stability of private servers ... this one must be getting on for two years old now [well, thinking of when the nost database was passed across and what became anathema -originally called elysium as I recall - was created]. There were a few hiccups but it's carried on. As far as I can tell, the team has active developers. The GMs are active and responsive and helpful. The team listens to players. I don't play actively at the moment but from the account page I see up to 2.5k online some days [weekends, maybe Mondays too?]. There is no pay to win mentality, you can make any donation you like, there are just a few perks that people could nitpick over making things easier [big bags, xp token] but frankly I'm fine with them. With Blizzard - well I know classic should change it, but otherwise there are basically two year slots to work within, after which it's all change for an expansion. What will happen after two years of classic? Who will play anyway only active wow subscribers [and others limited to low levels?]? healsvsbabyface has a video about retail wow numbers btw worth watching, it's guesswork to some extent but it doesn't look good for retail wow, and classic will likely be a fraction of that. I wonder how the numbers will compare to private servers.
  5. wampuskitty

    Default Key Bindings in Vanilla WoW

    The key bindings are on the main menu in the client, but you probably know that ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. wampuskitty

    Addons not showing up

    When you say they are in the addons folder, do they each have their own folder there? Have you enabled them from the character selection screen? I can't remember whether addons are enabled by default but i would start there. If the addons are out of date you will need to force them to load from the addons screen. Addons have an indicator to say which version of the client they are for, you have to force them to work with later versions. This is due to interface changes between versions. Forcing out of date addons to load may lead to odd behaviour or even freezing. The other possibility is that the addons are loading but you don't see them because you need to set them to display. When the client loads, addons sometimes put messages to this effect in the client log. Or you can check the addon folder to see whether there is a readme file that may help.
  7. wampuskitty

    Bug - Ornate Spyglass

    Ok, done, thanks
  8. wampuskitty

    Bug - Ornate Spyglass

    This item is treated as a conjured item and therefore disappears if you log out. It also cannot be sold, traded or mailed. It wasn't like this in retail from TBC onwards. Bug?
  9. wampuskitty

    new hearthstone

    All a hearthstone does is indicate which Inn you are going to teleport to when you use it. Is that what you are observing?
  10. wampuskitty

    Best places for truesilver?

    Isn't truesilver a mutated mithril node? Guessing that a respawning mithril node has chance to be truesilver [gold being the same for iron]. In which case "too much" truesilver could be due to miners taking mithril in an area but not having high enough level mining for truesilver.
  11. wampuskitty

    Wow mouse extra buttons

    The mouse driver should handle the detection of button presses. Do the buttons work in other applications?
  12. I doubt it's worth planning for a massive influx, at least not at first. If Blizzard managed to produce a decent old skool experience it might attract some of those who play on private servers - those of us who are here because we wanted to play vanilla but otherwise weren't dissatisfied with Blizzard at least until it's clear how good the Blizzard experience is. A bigger question may be Blizzard classic longevity given the problems they are having and the direction(s) they may or may not be taking, and whether/how WoW classic fits. For me there is so much bad water under the bridge now - with the way retail WoW has developed, and their other games like Diablo III [Ithe latest publicity debacle being "don't you guys have phones", as good as "you think you do by you don't"] - that I won't be returning to Blizzard in a hurry. In any relationship you can get to the point where enough is enough. I can see myself remaining on elysium as long as it's playable.
  13. +1 prefer restored characters over faster progression
  14. I wonder whether ex-Nost characters stopped appearing in the control panel after Nost ended the transfers.
  15. I've been trying to get the Frost Oil recipe for weeks and it's clearly being camped and sold at an extortionate price on the AH. I am told the respawn timer is 90 minutes, if so then this camping behaviour is clearly exploiting game mechanics to advantage. It hurts lower players because we can't afford 7-10g for a recipe when we have to save for a mount. There's no particular reason for fixed respawn timers other than ease of programming, unless you're claiming they are DESIGNED to propagate this camping behaviour. I never saw this on the old Elysium but there was similar trouble on the old Nostalrius. My suggestion: can we have limited-stock vendor recipes respawning randomly please to give us all a chance to get them?
  16. wampuskitty

    Randomise respawn timers for recipes

    I am not asking for a shortening of respawns just randomisation, it's about fairness and preventing exploits. A 90 minute timer could be changed to "random time between 60 and 120 minutes but on average 90". That would make it fairer for all and harder for campers.
  17. There is a lot of obnoxious disgusting chat I see, usually involving some sort of sexual act. There's also a lot of hate against the Russians and Chinese. But usually like the guy above said, it's a few people who are really going for it and you can /ignore one of them and it's 10 times better. Thicker skin for the rest. Oh and "/leave world" when you get tired of it, you can probably "/leave general" too when they are corrupting barrens or thousand needles. But to those shouting the OP down: it's a sad day when nice people move on because of abusers.