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  1. Remember when everyone said that Old Nost Server would be the popular one? Here we are not long into launch and it's pretty clear that the community prefers a fresh realm(Elysium).
  2. P99 is a great time, up until you get to the raid scene.
  3. Destron

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    There is an in-game solution to the problem. Sure it sucks but it's a pretty minor aspect.
  4. Destron

    Warlock PvP Tactics Class by Class

    http://pastebin.com/v0f83deX - Not mine but may be useful
  5. Destron

    4+ Days.

    You know what I do if my server is down? I play on a different realm, or I do something else. I suggest you get a grip grip and expand your entertainment choices.
  6. Destron

    We need to build a wall against DDOS

    He's too far gone guys, let's all say a prayer for him as we lay down to bed tonight.
  7. Destron

    Tailoring 1-300 Guide

    This formatting is terribly hard to read on the dark theme. As in you can't read it at all.
  8. Destron

    We need to build a wall against DDOS

    So you can do what Batman? Save us all from these terrible DDoS'rs? You are not a special snowflake who deserves special treatment. So you're going to do what exactly to thwart these attacks? Lay out your plan Batman. Why would a chinese gold farmer want to DDoS a server that they can farm gold on and then sell it? Deny customers service and prohibit them from farming gold on that server? Doesn't make sense if you take more than 45 seconds to think about it. Take a few minutes and read some posts here, but if any communities were to be likely suspects it's obvious that it would be a competing community, Kronos is probably the biggest. Take some time to look into what a DDoS is because it's obvious you're not super clear on how they work . http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+do+DDOS+attacks+work Understatement of the year here. Take some time to do your own research, researching on your own before you ask questions is a tool that will probably help you considerably. Think about the problem, research the problem on your own.
  9. Destron

    We need to build a wall against DDOS

    You're the pleb on here complaining about DDoS that impacts everyone on Elysium. You have options for 2FA, you choose the option that requires an entry every time and you're complaining. Grow up child.
  10. Destron

    Which realm?

    Elysium is crowded now but I don't think it's wild to think that eventually Zeth'Kur will have population issues. I'm currently on Elysium and play an alt on Zeth'Kur when Elysium is down. I can't really speak on the communities on Zeth'Kur but Elyisum does feel a bit like constant Barrens chat.
  11. Destron

    We need to build a wall against DDOS

    Use the IP Lock feature if you don't want to keep entering your code, or shut up.
  12. Destron

    Horde Ally PvP balance

    Great community response. I'm level 19, just asking.