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  1. Whisper Track ingame. Silly 10g pr craft, your materials.
  2. Me too. First it started with me being able to press "Enter World" but it would get stuck on the 100% load screen. Now it's just stuck on "Connected" when pressing any of the realms. Tried two different accounts, deleted WDB, WTF and Interface folder; no luck.
  3. Ravenseen

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    RIP hunters
  4. They're releaseing info about in in July, not the raid. Please.
  5. So looking at the timeline it says at Patch 1.6(BWL) that "Grand Marshal and High Warlord PvP Honor rewards have been updated with improved statistics." and then there's the text at 1.11; "An updated set of armor rewards have been added to vendors for Honor ranks 7, 8, and 10. The armor rewards for Honor ranks 12 and 13 have been increased in level and stat point allocation. New rank 14 weapons in order to give casters the same diversity of selection that melee currently enjoy!" So I guess it's recently confirmed that R14 caster wep & fast offhand or w/e comes at 1.11, but when is the update coming? Right now if a hunter gets R12 he gets boots with 14 Agi, 26 stam and 1% dodge bonus. At what point will this be upgraded to 26 Agi, 20 stam, 9 int and 1% Hit? If you read the first lines again it's hard to understand what happens at which point. - as both 1.6 and 1.11 claims updates to the gear. Someone clearify? Edit: I guess 1.6 is weapons only(?)
  6. Ravenseen

    <DEMISE> holds Dire Maul

    I had fun ^_^ Good fight from both sides, ally could've had more numbers
  7. Ravenseen

    First Broken Tooth of the server

    I got mine from spot 3, so no.
  8. Ravenseen

    Planning to roll a Hunter?

    Good initiative. Few ads: Stoneform is more helpful for it's usage against Blind. 5 bow/gun skill = 3% hit (hunter hitcap is 8.6% (9%)) Also the point about bows: xbows
  9. Ravenseen

    Getting frustrated!

    In case you missed it from the latest update: "The Rituals of Power quest book in Scarlet Monastery is lootable again"