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  1. Cant remember saying that I raided, please point me towards that. I remain with my claims concerning raiding in general.
  2. 45 min+ queue makes raiding a девушка легкого поведения and massive time consumer. No grace period makes raiding impossible.
  3. New server with xfer from the old pvp server please. 2 Servers with 7.5k cap.
  4. Aslan

    Logging in naked

    My alt had your trinket, we will get to it.
  5. Aslan

    Blue PvP gear

    On nost pvp 1.) You had to buy it again, the old set would remain as it was 2.) No idea 3.) You could decay and still buy it later on.
  6. Aslan

    sub raiding

    Irrelevant how it feels, since its not accurate. Tasty insults . R9 evisc book doesnt drop in ubrs before the actual patch, so no, it wasnt available on nost pvp and wont be on the fresh realm. Also world of roguecraft sends its regards concerning the ap scaling. Was evisc reworked completely (all ranks) or was it just the latest added rank? If evisc was reworked as spell, that would make it scale due to 1.12.1 mechanics even if it shouldnt. Parry... parryhaste..? Even if you never heard of that, youd rather parry a warrior trying to gank you in BRM instead of dodging him. Small overpower-asset. Better places for murder, aslong as you arent talking about imp eviscerate. For daggers it would come down to lethality vs ruthlessness, you could go 4/5, feel free to provide math.
  7. Aslan

    sub raiding

    Imp eviscerate for 100% of vanilla content, even up to AQ when all you have is r8 which doesnt even scale with AP yet? A point in dodge over a point in parry? Sometimes murder isnt wrong, as weird as it sounds. Lethality for daggers, how awesome must it be. Forums... where everyone can claim anything, the better the layout, the more accurate the content.
  8. Aslan

    WF bug

    Windfury Weapon now benefits from the talent Elemental Weapons. Windfury Totem now benefits from the talent Improved Weapon Totems But its still only half of the cookie if the AP still gets applied after the extra swings..?
  9. Aslan

    10 - 19 Thread

    /script WeaponSwap("Assassin's Blade", "", "Shadowfang", "Assassin's Blade"); I hope that one with the adjusted space bar usage works, if it doesnt, buy a random vendor offhand, I never tried using it without switching both weapons. Try out something along the lines /cast Sinister (shift+click the spell in your spellbook, while creating the macro, that will insert it) /script WeaponSwap("Shadowfang", "Assassin's Blade"); and /cast Ambush/Backstab /script WeaponSwap("Assassin's Blade", ""); You can replace your abilities with these macros and it will always auto-equip the appropriate weapons, so you dont need to worry about switching anything mid-combat. If the right weapons are already in place, for exemple if you spam backstabs, the addon wont constantly вау around with your weapons, it merely checks if you have the correct ones.
  10. Aslan

    WF bug

    That was fixed like half a year after nostalrius begins launched. The attack power was added to your character after the additional hits instead of before, so the extra attacks werent buffed. They also managed to somehow вау up the animation and any appearance in the combat log, so you couldnt that easily anymore if WF procced. Not sure about this one, but I think the improved weapon totems talent also didnt improve the attack power bonus, but thats just something I heard someone say who heard it from a friend who got told by his dog.
  11. Aslan

    Is Ret Paladin Good In PvE?

    If you really want it I guess you can find a guild that takes you into their raid roster, but there were like 100 alliance raiding guilds on nost, makes what... 500 paladins? 3 of which were ret?
  12. The pinnacle of "hey, when that one drops, we roll if it so we keep our max dkp".