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  1. Same, I get stuck at character lister for about 10 minutes at least sometimes longer and then after that finally loads and I enter game I get stuck loading screen for another 10+ minutes it took a half hour earlier to go from login screen to actually playing earlier. This is their way of deterring /camp resetting of instances? Idk but it sucks for sure other than that once in game the server is not too bad tbh little delay but playable at least in pve
  2. This. Frost mage is the best farm class at lvl 60 in the game just because of their ability to aoe farm huge packs. DME is a good spot. So are elementals like the air elementals in silithus in the north west corner of the zone as well as Sorrow Hill in WPL and Hearthglen in WPL. Next best class would be a holy/prot mixed paladin. Just throw on a shield and aoe farm almost as efficiently as a frost mage using blessing of sanctuary, holy shield, ret aura, and consecrate. I was able to farm DME on my pally just fine although I was decent geared. The one thing about pally aoe farming that i like over mage aoe farming is you dont need room to work like mages do to kite their packs around with blizzard and CoC. You just gather a pack and stand there as the pack dies. Third choice would probably have to be a rogue. They cannot aoe farm, but they can sneak into a lot of nice spots. I played rogue on feenix and one of my favorite spots to farm was in strat just passed the booby-trapped gate where the wandering spirits are. You fight one of those until they cast the curse on you that causes the ghosts to spawn on you for 5 minutes, usually about 10-12 ghosts in total, then you kill the ghosts and they had good drops. Lots of cloth and scrolls almost every kill which are good consumes for raiding. They also dropped restorative potions which were ваууing awesome potions I used to use in pvp for those clutch moments but also sold quite well. Rogues can also sneak into other instances and once geared well enough can solo some of the easier bosses that can drop blues which disenchant into large brilliant shards. My absolute favorite farm spot on my rogue was killing Lord Incendius in BRD easy to sneak to if you have the key or 300 lockpick and you get to pickpocket all the humanoid npcs along the way. Tough fight but doable with popping evasion and timing kicks just right on his fireball casts although if you are having trouble you might have to bring some fire resist gear or cheap health pots along. He drops a blue bracer every time which I would shard and about once in every 25-50 runs or so he would drop an Ace of Elementals which would sell anywhere from 400 to 700 gold on average. So 25 runs which would take a few hours would result in 25 shards and if lucky, and I usually was, an ace. Just the shards alone were worth it when the shards were selling for like 8-10g a pop.
  3. nurga

    Why do we like vanilla WoW?

    well for me its always been about the pvp Pvp in world and in battlegrounds was just better during vanilla. Personally I've just always been too casual for ratings and rankings and don't really take the game seriously enough for it but I did kinda like the PVE of TBC as well as that new battleground they brought in I forget what its called Eye of the storm or something like that but it just wasn't the same after that with the arenas. The grand sense of community and teamwork kind of died with arenas for me and it was all more about ego stroking and showboating, not to take anything away from the skilled players who dominated arena but for casual pvpers like myself who worked full time and went to school arenas was something I could never really get into seriously and arenas just siphoned more players out of the battlegrounds which were more casual friendly. But basically what really makes vanilla great is its sense of community and teamwork and higher population just amplifies that feeling. But pvp was simpler then. Sure it may not have been as balanced as it became later on after some expansions, but it was clean. All the changes they made throughout the expansions made it too "messy" for lack of a better term. Eventually, when you keep changing things around you make it too complicated, and even things that are supposed to be simple and fun become a chore. I've been playing on vanilla wow servers since feenix came out. I've played on almost every big private vanilla server that's come out since then even if only briefly. You name it: al akir, warsong, emerald dream, scriptcraft, molten wow, rebirth, corecraft, nostalrius, kronos 1 & 2, back to feenix again... All these servers eventually died for one reason or another but not because people suddenly got bored of vanilla wow and didn't want to play it again as nostalrius has proved. Feenix was a good server but not great. Every time a new server came out everybody left for that server until it eventually died then they came back. Then nostalrius launched and it killed all the other servers because everybody wanted to play on the popular server. Nost made a statement about vanilla wow that shocked the mmo world and could not be ignored not even by blizzard. Then blizzard killed Nost right when us vanilla wow junkies finally had something good going and everybody scattered back to their old dead servers and kronos Against all the bugs, hacking, and any other type of things that is a detriment to a server nothing is worse than low population. Low population just decimates servers because its the one thing that will keep new players from wanting the start up on that server and existing players from staying on the server. That's why we loved nostalrius so much. It's not perfect it has its bugs, lag, chinese gold farmers, account sharing rankers, gankers and general asshats and more of them here than anywhere else just by sheer statistics. but high population makes up for it because all the things that make vanilla great are amplified exponentially based off population. There is a point where it can become too much though like when nost was at 14k players and enemy players were appearing on top of you because lag and there was 5 farmers for every node. TBH from my time on nostalrius it seemed like the world felt perfect when there was only about 6-8k players online, 14k was way too much and 4k is not enough. I'm hoping nost relaunch hovers around that number during prime times. High population really only bothers farmers and gatherers making competition for nodes and npcs very fierce but also means more value for those items you are farming. Its great for pvp in general and for pve for always having players for raids. holy wall o' text that might be the biggest post I've ever posted on any forum lmao
  4. well assuming you backed up your WTF and WDB folders before deleting them prior to playing on this server (you did... right?) your account names along with what servers they belong to are in your WTF folder in some form or another for the character files for each character on each account
  5. as a very casual player getting to rank 11 was quite a feat for me, and i had to really poopsock in wsg every waking minute i was not at work to get it.
  6. nurga

    <NOPE> vs <Dreamstate>

    lmfao the guy in this video is hilarious nice editing
  7. nurga

    Warlock Versus Shaman

    Warlock is the strongest pvp class no doubt. I played one on feenix and a well played lock can kill almost any class regardless of gear except for over geared warriors who are capable of 1 shotting. Thing is warlocks have little utility especially if you play with imp or voidwalker and go SL. I liked to play sm/ruin with a felhunter for dispels on self and teammate and silence in enemies. Make a macro for target grounding totem + send pet to attack and shamans are e-z pickins. Stack dots on 1 guy, spread around the appropriate curses to the right targets and blow nightfall procs on low hp targets for Kill steals and dominate the scoreboard meanwhile spam fearing some poor sucker into oblivion. If you do roll shaman please don't go windfury it's the most retarded spec ever. Elemental shamans who know how to throw a heal or 2 are infinitely better on a team than a wf shaman
  8. Depends if pvp pve. Druid is preferred for pvp due to survivability and escapism plus a touch of utility. For pve, paladin preferred for ease and buffs plus res
  9. Yeah... why not both? I'll be playing my pally on nost2.0 and also on fresh when it releases
  10. nurga

    best player(s) per class

    it just screams "dickriding mongoloid" , that's all
  11. nurga

    How many get this Error?

    I get DNS errors constantly on many sites. I use chrome but I also still use windows XP which is where I think the problem stems from. I dont get errors when surfing sites on my iphone.