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  1. AndrewFromHD

    When Somebody Leaves <Iron Edge>

    Ay it is done, you keep arguing, dummy xD Advertising done right, and yes, restorative is shit for MC, deal with it 8/8 BWL.
  2. AndrewFromHD

    When Somebody Leaves <Iron Edge>

    Yet here you are, arguing again even though you overpunished somebody who's new to the guild for a pointless reason (but rewarded somebody totally new to the game who got lost twice in MC, because dunno, can't follow the raid?), and yes, he has every mandatory consumable for MC, without that tiny useless thing for healers (they could use that cd for mana pot or something else though). Anyway, your loss, now cry more and add more stuff to your cringe college.
  3. Well, short long story, my mate joined Iron Edge, did a few dungeons with them, got loot banned for two raids because he did not bring restorative potion with him on his first MC run with them. Now he joined another guild because of the rubbish attitude of Iron Edges, "the best horde guild", and the GM started spamming him. After a short conversation, the GM of Iron Edge sent him a screenshot: https://imgur.com/gc6UOcF "YOU DOOMED US ALL BETRAYER!" P.S.: I'm here for dem drama.
  4. AndrewFromHD

    Mara Farming Pet

    Since I will soon be 60, I want to start farming Mara as soon as possible but I am not sure what pet is recommended so it can help me out with it, any suggestions beside BT and Lupos?
  5. AndrewFromHD

    PVE/ PVP Pets?

    Hey all! Which pets would be recommended in PVE and PVP beside Lupos and Broken Tooth for obvious reason?
  6. Since I downloaded the game, the WTF folder was either empty or missing. My game now is pretty screwed up because I cannot see people writing in /s or whispering me at all, everything beside the general chat, I cannot see. I disabled every single addon, I even redownloaded the game, but it is just not working. The same settings keep poping out no matter what. Here is a screenshot with my current wow folder: http://imgur.com/a/2sA3s
  7. AndrewFromHD

    Hunter Guide?

    Is there any hunter guide I can use as a beginner? Cheers.
  8. AndrewFromHD

    Which Class?

    I consider rolling a rogue or hunter. Even though a lot of you recommended druid, I know how people actually treat them and even avoid raiding with them. Drood has a hard life, even though it is a class that gives you options. As for my choice, I am unsure which one would be better for pve/ pvp content + gold farming. Aye I ask a lot, but I really don't want to limit myself to a class I am not able to do anything by myself (e.g. warrior, which basically needs a group everywhere he goes, except pvp, he rocks there even without prems).
  9. AndrewFromHD

    Which Class?

    Hey guys! I played mage and warlock so far in vanilla, but I really didn't enjoy them that much. So, I would really like to see a few suggestions followed by some pros and cons depending on your suggestion. Cheers!
  10. AndrewFromHD

    Mara gold guide video

    Is it possible to farm Mara when you are basically fresh 60 with few pre bis items?
  11. AndrewFromHD

    Warlock Alliance

    So far my experience as a warlock on the alliance side sucks. I played on K2 as a warlock but I didn't have too many problems with wpvp. Right now everything is horrible vs undeads (rogues,mages). Is it worth playing warlock on the alliance side?
  12. AndrewFromHD

    [A] <Praise> [EU] Hardcore PVE/PVP

    When I firstly joined <Praise> on K2, I didn't believe they will give me a chance to prove myself too soon because they were capped on nearly every role, but I was wrong. Joining <Praise> was one of the best decisions I made on K2 and I do not regret it plus I learned some things about vanilla I didn't know before joining them. ~Do no dare touching my doomguard, that's for you Zonati!~
  13. AndrewFromHD

    Farming Gold

    Hey guys! I was wondering how can you farm gold as a warlock. On K2 I used to farm DME trash mobs but is there any other way of farming gold beside gathering proffs?