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  1. What makes Vanilla World of Warcraft one of the most popular choices on the private server scene nowadays? Depending on who you ask it can range from a number of answers from its strong emphasis on community building and rivalry to its diverse class system where every class has its own specific role instead of the bastardized homogenization that retail is. One common motif that will always come up is the difficulty of Vanilla WoW. People remember or at least claim to remember wiping endlessly on raid bosses and even trash mobs in the 40 man content, yet that seems to be something that Vanilla WoW emulators fail to capture in any significant capacity. The fact is, we are all veterans of vanilla wow to an extent. We know where Mankrik's wife is, if you go above the tank's threat level on the KTM addon you will pull aggro and wipe your guild on vael, and that you actually cannot see Ragnaros if you look through that portal behind Golemagg. We have access to so much in terms of addons, theorycraft, and 1.12 talents that raid content has by and large become trivialized. Molten Core and Blackwing Lair are easy (not going to comment on AQ until a server with actual scripting can release it). And that goes against what we remember, and why we came to want to play on an emulated Vanilla server. February 28th, 2015--Nostalrius is first released. March 19th, 2015, less than 20 days later, Ragnaros is killed by the first guild. Within 2 weeks of server first kill, Ragnaros is killed by 2 other guilds. The endgame boss for the first segment of vanilla wow couldn't last for even a high schoolers winter vacation. AND it was on a server where you had to level at 1x rates with 2-4k other people competing for experience to even hit 60. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that most of the players in these guilds killing Ragnaros within 30 days did not have great gear when killing him--nor did they need it. What they did have was consumables, 1.12 talent trees, and a wealth of information available to them in the form of addons tracking knockback timers and strategies to get a free 84 fire resist. Now I'm not here to make a case for implementing 1.4 talent trees (I don't wish the 31 point for fury warriors to revert back to the old +100% weapon damage after getting a KB on a mob) or somehow making the Warden anti-cheat autoban people with KTM/BigWigs enabled, but I am submitting to you a request to consider a 'Gummycraft' increase in difficulty. Anyone who has been in the private server scene for any length of time remembers Scriptcraft. It was a server infamous for its raiding difficulty (and large unscripted pre-50 content, but you didn't come to Scriptcraft with the intent of leveling 1-60 at 1x rates. You came to raid and pvp). Scriptcraft had raid bosses in 2012 with scripting identical to what you were seeing on Nostalrius, with a few additions--increased damage and hp (this applied to trash mobs as well), and in some cases a Thrash. This increase was around 30-40% depending on who you asked and even applied to instances from BRD and beyond. This was enough of an increase to make even simple runs to the Emperor a difficult fight where you had to improvise constantly to deal with yolked enemies. Everyone played to a higher level, because you couldn't succeed playing with your dick in your hand autofollowing your ranged dps. You would get curbstomped. Vaelastrasz was a legitimate guild ender on Scriptcraft, but on Nostalrius? There were maybe a handful of raid guilds that hadn't killed him compared to the tsunami of guilds clearing all content (some in under 2 hours for a full MC/BWL clear). The gear regression is not enough to make these instances difficult. You need to give these instances and raids a boost, otherwise it'll be yet another easy faceroll. We didn't choose to play Vanilla WoW for an easy experience where the only box you needed to check was "do I have a pulse?". We came for the difficulty. Anyone can hit 60, but not everyone should be able to clear all of the content until they earn it. Put the challenge back in Vanilla. And before those Vanilla purists come out of the forest with their torches and pitchforks screaming "DONT CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT VANILLA WOW BECAUSE IT WONT BE VANILLA WOW THEN". Consider this: we are on a 1.4 patch with 1.12 talents. We have access to 100% accurate timers with bigwigs. We have a quest tracker that makes questing identical to Skyrim. We know what's coming after we talk to Majordomo Executus on his fiery peninsula. This is not, and there will never be a perfect emulation. This enhancement will bring the advantages of the talent trees and addons down to a more reasonable level, and make Vanilla WoW hard(er). TL;DR: Vanilla WoW raiding is too easy with the amount of knowledge/1.12 talents available to us. We need to make raiding great again, and increase their damage/hp/armor/resistance/etc to make the game a challenge.
  2. So what you're saying is your interpretation of the team's goals is the only correct interpretation, and everyone who interprets their goals differently is a retard? Sweet logic man. Nost got popular for one reason--timing. It wasn't the scripting--trust me on that one. It came at a time when everyone was sick of Emerald Dream and ready to jump ship. Guilds who had already left Feenix/refused to play on Feenix had been waiting to play on a vanilla server for a while at that point and then Kronos announced itself as a viable alternative. Guilds started coming out of the woodworks and signing up on there, and then Nostalrius decided to release a month earlier than Kronos and all the guilds ended up moving there because waiting a month is an eternity for vets at this point. You had guilds like Ridin Dirty, judgement/team plague, dreamstate, grizzly, exiled, massivus, mcst, etc all coming together in one giant thunderdome that got bigger as the release date grew closer because we all wanted to settle grudges from previous servers. The population snowballed after a surprisingly stable launch.
  3. Don't cry because I apparently hit the nail on the head by implying you wouldn't be able to handle it. lmao at the "as someone who actually played vanilla wow". that doesn't qualify you for anything bro. And no, it wasn't "certain specs". It was just about every ваууing spec that sucked. Or if it wasn't the spec, it was other stupid фекал like hit rating not benefiting dual wielding dps. Nost exists as a way to experience the difficulty of vanilla WoW when it was current. If it were just a time capsule, they wouldn't regress the gear, they'd just crank out a regular 1.12 server with all content released. Take comfort in knowing you might find some raid guild to carry you through mind numbingly boring content at every tier. hey am I hard like you now? If instead of running a half marathon I said I wanted to run a full marathon and you told me "why don't you just jog backwards the entire way?" I'd assume you didn't want me to run the full marathon.
  4. Could easily turn this into a shitflinging contest with what I think your real reasoning is for being against this, but I'll refrain since that doesn't seem productive
  5. If you consider fine being guilds leveling to 60 and killing Ragnaros within 3 weeks of new server drop, then your description of fine differs from mine. Your idea that we should just raid with 30- people is proof that you subconsciously agree that the raiding is far too easy. I think the more obvious solution is to just buff the content so everyone has a harder time. "Short manning MC is common once everybody has their items from there. " Yes, when everybody has their items from there it's whatever. I'm talking about buffing content to make the barrier to entry for skill higher. Plenty of servers modify values but they aren't as effective because they don't run gear regression, or have bugs that lead to massive damage boosts that overcome those values. Already raided and cleared MC in 50%+ greens. It is not hard. What's your real reasoning behind not wanting content to be harder? The massive headache part I don't believe.
  6. They were meant to be difficult when they were released. They were not entry level raids. They were the raids. And given that gear was all around dogshit in 1.4, it wouldn't force a tighter gear requirement, it would force players to a higher standard of playing if they wanted to see their purples. guilds shouldn't be able to roll MC with half their raid sporting фекал they got from the barrens, nor should killing ragnaros only require having 39 players with a pulse and internet connection. buff the damage so the healers run OOM quicker buff the health/armor/resistance so the dps are forced to try harder to kill the boss before the healers run oom. rogues are going to have to learn the importance of pooling energy, healers are going to have to time their nukes better, and fury warriors are gonna have to finally make that macro that goes sword and board + shield wall to crank out those last seconds on progression bosses. would people stop claiming "we can't achieve the difficulty we had back then so why even try?" we try because we want what the real experience was, right? a hard raiding game where only the elite can guard the mailbox in orgrimmar/ironforge with their purples? maybe you want a game thats been dumbed down enough so you got a shot at killing something, but I don't. and I know many don't want it handed to them so easy either. nothing worth it in the world (of warcraft) is easy to achieve.
  7. hotdwarfsixpack

    Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector (how it should work)

    The question is, do they work like this on here?
  8. hotdwarfsixpack

    Warlock set tiers

    You won't die on any fight if you have a clue about the mechanics. maybe mandokir if he charges/whirlwind combos you.
  9. hotdwarfsixpack

    Warlock set tiers

    Don't lifetap down to 5% hp?
  10. hotdwarfsixpack

    "Full" arcane raiding.

    full arcane raiding is фекал. if you want to try it, go ahead. youll be shitty in both pvp and pve.
  11. hotdwarfsixpack

    best player(s) per class

    emerald dream was the pinnacle of pvp greatness
  12. Why shouldn't we try and recapture the difficulty of raiding MC/BWL? People wanted the vanilla experience. A tune up until we progress further down the PvE raids would help recapture it. It's easy to do, easy to revert back, and reduces the edge 1.12 talents give to the raiding community. A lot of the gear from the server first clear of MC included gear gotten from quests from the barrens. This shouldn't be possible, and shouldn't happen.
  13. hotdwarfsixpack

    Leveling with a Pocket Healer.

    You have zero points in TM and yet spend not one, but 3 points in TC. Also--using rend? Instance grinding>world? jesus christ.
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    Ithlien - First video and stream

    why are you wearing a suit and shitty tie?
  15. Agreed. If the server were to use 1.4 talents I would not have even made this suggestion. However I think that's incredibly unlikely that we will ever see a server with them. Please read my entire post before writing back, I even addressed you in specific. People do want vanilla wow. As it stands with the current setup, it is drastically easier than vanilla wow due to the talent setup (ignoring the information available to us on every encounter). My idea to bring that difficulty up to what was experienced during vanilla wow at that time period was a buff to a raid's damage/armor/resistance/etc. We can't make ourselves do the gimped damage/healing/threat that 1.4 talent trees had, but we can bring the mobs stats to a higher level to simulate that difficulty. It could even be reverted after we progress in patches so players like yourselves could clear the content! I don't see the point in doing it "after Naxxramas". Call me pessimistic, but let's get to AQ40 first (for the first time in 4ish years on the private server scene). It should come now when it is supposed to be hard (but made easy by 1.12 talents). They did not do that. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Onyxia_(original) 1,100,000 HP http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=38177 1,121,000 http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=38286 1,120,000 I'd say the discrepancy lies in swstats at that point, not an intentional buff. If people want the vanilla wow experience, they should have it. It was a harder game. Doing this content with supersized talents makes it easier. This makes it a not vanilla experience. Tune up the raid instances until the point when we should have 1.12 talents, otherwise we aren't really getting vanilla wow.
  16. lol, okay kiddo. Grab that 14% boost on glancing hits instead of the 40 ap/crit/hit bonus which affects your yellows. stack enough world buffs and consumables and you'll only be glancing on your offhand.
  17. all you need is 305 to put you in a different damage formula calc. otherwise you're just gaining glancing blow damage. use sac gauntlets instead.
  18. edgemasters is garbo for humans/orcs using swords/axes, just saying
  19. "And before those Vanilla purists come out of the forest with their torches and pitchforks screaming "DONT CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT VANILLA WOW BECAUSE IT WONT BE VANILLA WOW THEN". Consider this: we are on a 1.4 patch with 1.12 talents. We have access to 100% accurate timers with bigwigs. We have a quest tracker that makes questing identical to Skyrim. We know what's coming after we talk to Majordomo Executus on his fiery peninsula. This is not, and there will never be a perfect emulation. This enhancement will bring the advantages of the talent trees and addons down to a more reasonable level, and make Vanilla WoW hard(er)." By making other parts of the emulation more difficult, we can go back to a closer product that resembled the original WoW. We can't take 1.12 talents or addons away from the public, but we can change this. Even if you didn't play WoW in 04-06, you'll still know way more about it than anyone else from that time period. You'll join a guild with veterans who will tell you the best strategies, the best addons. Your raid leader will have played guaranteed. That's why 90%+ of the guilds on Nost 1 were full clearing everything. Even if you were new, vanilla emulation is at a point where addons have trivialized already basic boss fights.
  20. hotdwarfsixpack

    best player(s) per class

    Druid: Moonlotus Hunter: Manshan/Nervous Mage: Aftershock/Vujke/Wade Paladin: Tigerheart Priest: Igor Rogue: Nuc, Xavas, Pucika, Tseng, Rek Shaman: Crowbar, Showtime Warlock: Dusch, Seuche Warrior: Monkeynews, Alleycat